Some of you may be aware that some changes were mooted last year regarding the U9-12 track and field competition at National level. Well the changes were recently communicated as follows.

Indoor Track and Field

No changes - competition same as last year, i.e

  • U10s and U11s at Galway level only.
  • U12-19 at County, Regional and National level.


Outdoor Track and Field

  • Competition for U13-U19 age groups same as last year
  • Relays will be held as usual for U9s to U12s but instead of 4x50m, it will be 4x100m. Other than this, relays are same as last year.
  • No individual events for U9s to U12s. Instead a new team competition as follows:-
    •  2 athletes on each team
    •  The team takes part in 1 event and the combined score of the 2 athletes gives the team score. For example in long jump, if 1 athlete jumped 3m and the other jumped 3.20m, the team has a score of 6.20m. The gold, silver, bronze medals are then awarded as normal to the leading 3 teams.
    • An athlete may be part of 2 teams, e.g. could be on long jump team with one athlete and could be on sprint team with another athlete.
    • There will be 2 age groups for this team event - U9s/U10s in one age group and U11s/U12s in the other. U8s cannot take part.
    • There are 4 events available in each age group (but remember an athlete can only be on 2 teams and thus will only 2 do events).
    • For U9s/10s, the events are 60m, 300m, long jump and ball throw.
    • For U11s/12s, the events are 80m, 600m, long jump and shot putt.
    • The top 3 teams in each event in the county finals go forward to the Connacht finals
    • The top 3 teams in the Connacht finals go forward to the National finals.
    • The U11s/12s have to long jump from the board, but the U9s/10s can take off from anywhere before the sand pit.
Saturday the 23rd. .