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The program for the U10 and U12 two-person team events and the U9, 10, 11 and 12 relay events has been made available. The competition takes place at Sligo track on Saturday 9th June.

The program of events is as follows. Note the program is subject to change on the day of the competition so please arrive before the first event starts!

U10 Girls 60m
U10 Boys 60m
U12 Girls 80m
U12 Boys 80m

U12 Boys Shot Putt
U12 Girls Long Jump 


U10 Girls Ball Throw
U10 Boys Long Jump 


U12 Girls Shot Putt
U12 Boys Long Jump

U10 Girls 300m
U10 Boys 300m
U12 Girls 600m
U12 Boys 600m
U9 Girls 4x100m
U9 Boys 4x100m
U10 Girls 4x100m
U10 Boys 4x100m
U11 Girls 4x100m
U11 Boys 4x100m
U12 Girls 4x100m
U12 Boys 4x100m

U10 Boys Ball Throw
U10 Girls Long Jump