Best of luck to everyone participating in day 1 of the Galway Cross Country Championships tomorrow at the Palace Grounds in Tuam. If you haven't been there before, directions are here.

The provisional timetable for the day is:-

  • 1:00pm U10 Girls 1000m
  • 1:10pm U10 Boys 1000m
  • 1:20pm U12 Girls 2000m
  • 1:30pm U12 Boys 2000m
  • 1:40pm U14 Girls 3000m
  • 1:55pm U14 Boys 3000m
  • 2:10pm U16 Girls 4000m
  • 2:30pm U16 Boys 4000m
  • 3:00pm U18/Junior/Senior/Masters Women 4000m
  • 3:30pm U18/Junior/Senior/Masters Men

Note above is just provisional, please arrive at least an hour before the above time in case it runs faster.

Monday the 17th. .