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We want to become your (and your neighbors) sole destination for recycling old clothes and shoes.  It has the potential to generate significant revenue for the club to help pay back loans used to develop the club’s facilities.

With over 300 families in the club:-

To help this, we have moved our clothes recycling facility down to the container on the new field. It will be emptied weekly or fortnightly. See picture above - a big thank you to Eamonn Cummins and Mick Gallagher for the work on adapting the container for recycling. We are asking parents to really get behind recycling as it helps us and helps you.

Please don’t use the toilets container on the school grounds anymore for leaving clothes – please drop it into the container on the new grounds which has a purpose-made window for this. And please don’t use the old blue bin on the school grounds anymore – it is now padlocked.


WE DON’T WANT (and please don’t leave this stuff as we get stuck with it and have to pay to dispose it):

So please help us to make this a success. Our target is to generate €10,000 per year on this but we can only do it with everyone's support. €10,000 allows us to borrow 10 times this - so it has the potential to build alot of facilities and is easy to do if families get behind it.