As people may know already, the club launched its lotto in early 2016 when invited by Croí to partner on their online lotto. Croí wound-up its lotto earlier this year as it was not working out for them.
So Craughwell AC have now launched its own online lotto which it is hoped will become a strategic fundraiser to help the club develop facilities in the club’s sports and recreation park in Crinnage. Ticket sales are only done online and promotion is only done via email, our website, facebook etc.
When buying your ticket, please tick the auto-renew box as this helps make our funding more predictable and consequently helps us persuade our lenders to lend to us to build more facilities. For every €100 we fundraise, we can borrow €1000 over 15 years to build usable facillities more quickly so that you or your family gets the benefit almost immediately.
Our lotto players will be kept regularly informed of the detail on how the money is being spent on facilities so that you know your money is being put to good use.

The club is appealing to all its members/parents to support the Lotto draw which runs on a weekly basis after 6pm every Thursday evening. All profits generated go directly into developing our facilities.
The club puts 50% of the income into developing facilities or take loans based on this income to develop facilities even more quickly so that the people giving financial support to the club benefit immediately from their contributions.
Of the remaining 50% of the lotto income, 35% goes into the match-4 jackpot, 5% into the match-3 prize and 10% to the online service provider.
The match-4 shared jackpot starts at €1,000 and rises to a maximum of €19,750. The match 3 shared prize fund starts at €50 and rises to a maximum of €250. When the jackpot is won, the jackpot prize will reset to €1000 and the match 3 shared prize fund will reset to €50.
The odds of winning are far superior to that for the National Lotto so it’s a very good gamble as well as helping our club.
The club are appealing to our current members, to our former members who may now be in their first job, to athletics aficionados all over Ireland and to the community to support our Lotto and help us build something great that will be of benefit to everyone and in the process help develop Ireland’s next Olympians!
And you don’t have to live locally to support us – what we are doing is good – good for people’s health, good for Ireland and good for former members to give something back to the club of their youth. And grandparents, uncles and aunts – why not consider supporting us if it’s a sport that your grandchild, niece or nephew enjoys.
Your continued support is much appreciated and we wish you good luck in future draws.
Thank you,
Mike Tobin
Craughwell AC
087 6591879
Wednesday the 12th. .