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Craughwell AC took part in huge numbers at the Galway U9-12 Track & Field held in Dangan last weekend with some incredible results. Highlights included a championship record for Lauren Kilduff when she raced to gold in the U12 Girls 60m Hurdles in a time of 11.91. It was the first of many Galway titles for the club in particular for the U12 Girls who took 6 Galway titles in the relay, hurdles, sprint, long jump, high jump and javelin. The Craughwell U11s were also superb on Sunday taking medals in each of the U11 events. Out of the 24 paired and 6 relay podium positions, the U11s featured on the podium 15 times – taking an incredible half of the places available.

Full details of the athletes finishing in the top 4 are as follows:



U12 Girls 60mh 1 Lauren Kilduff 11.91; 60m 1 Keevagh Barry 9.19; 600m 4 Emma O’Donovan 2:00.79; Long Jump 1 Keevagh Barry 4.08m, 2 Emma O’Donovan 3.99m, 4 Lauren Kilduff 3.78m; High Jump 1 Emma O’Donovan 1.25m, 2 Ciara O’Connor/Chloe Keane 1.20m, 4 Kelly Hallinan 1.10m; Shot Putt 3 Kiera Mernagh 5.89m; Turbo Javelin 1 Kiera Mernagh 14.96m, 3 Emma Phelan 13.37m, 4 Aoibheann Dolan 12.09m; 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC 59.96 (Moya Butler, Emma O'Donovan, Lauren Morgan, Keevagh Barry, Chloe Keane), 4 Craughwell AC 66.03 (Ciara O’Connor, Erin Dillon, Katelyn Walsh, Kelly Hallinan).

U12 Boys 60mh 2 Sean Hoade 11.76; 600m 3 Declan O’Connell 1:54.56, 4 Stephen Ruane 1:54.60; Long Jump 2 Sean Hoade 3.85m, 3 Dean McNally 3.61m; High Jump 4 Sean Hoade 1.15m; Shot Putt 3 Sean Hoade 6.98m; Turbo Javelin 2 Dean McNally 18.02m, 4 Joseph O’Dwyer 15.00m; 4 x100m 3 Craughwell AC 59.70 (Cian Brady, Sean Hoade, Kai Watters, Dean McNally, Stephen Ruane).



U11 Girls 60m 1 Lauren Morgan/Rachel Warde 9.53/9.75; 600m 3 Mia Hollingsworth /Claudia Coyle 2:06.83/2:12.59; Long Jump 1 Lauren Morgan /Mia Hollingsworth 3.72/3.32, 3 Rachel Warde /Ava Doyle 3.28/3.07; Turbo Javelin 3 Ava Doyle /Rebecca Nolan 11.15/10.04, 4 Roisin Coleman/Sadbh Keane 8.48/8.35; 4x100m 3 Craughwell AC 1:03.70 (Lauren Morgan, Mia Hollingworth, Aeveen Kelly, Rachel Warde, Beth Glynn).

U11 Boys: 60m 2 Jack Cahill/Kai Watters 9.23/9.48, 3 Eanna Morrissey/Oran Collins 9.50/9.63; 600m 1 Jack Cahill/Leo Molloy 1:54.63/2:00.88, 2 Stephen Joyce/James Molloy 2:01.27/2:04.62; Long Jump 1 Sam Casey/Kai Watters 3.62/3.61, 2 Oran Collins/Stephen Joyce 3.45/3.42, 4 Leo Molloy/Eanna Morrissey 3.37/3.25; Turbo Javelin 1 Ethan Stace/Tom Malone 15.86/10.95; 4x100m 2 Craughwell AC 1:03.52 (Jack Cahill, Eanna Morrissey, Stephen Joyce, Oran Collins), 3 Craughwell AC 1:05.24 (Kai Watters, Sam Casey, Eoin Middleton, Cian Mannion)


U10 Girls: 500m 1 Remy Aylmer/Aisling Lavan 1:43.21/1:48.99; Long Jump 4 Aisling Lavan/Chloe Coughlan 3.07/3.02; 4x100m 3 Craughwell AC 1:09.81 (Aisling Lavan, Jenna Brady, Remy Aylmer, Anna Kelly).

U10 Boys 60m 1 Calum McMahon/Alan Hallinan 9.79/9.99, 4 Luke Connaughton/Darragh O'Hea 10.09/10.17; 500m 2 Alan Hallinan/Calum McMahon 1:36.87/1:40.63, 3 Joshua Whiriskey/Oisin O'Donovan 1:41.59/1:44.77; Long Jump 1 Oisin O’Donovan/Luke Connaughton 3.45/3.35, 4 Sean Dempsey/Joshua Whiriskey 3.24/3.02; Turbo Javelin 4 Killian Burke/Max Madden 9.60/6.89; 4x100m 2 Craughwell AC 1:05.70 (Zach Keane, Darragh O'Donnell, Calum McMahon, Alan Hallinan), 3 Craughwell AC 1:08.12 (Alan Warde, Luke Connaughton, Darragh O'Hea, Harry Glynn), 4 Craughwell AC 1:08.85.



U9 Girls: Turbo Javelin 1 Lilly May Grealish/Leah Mahon 5.61/4.45. U9 Boys: 60m 2 Darragh O’Donnell/Ruairi McNena 10.38/10.85; 300m 2 Darragh O’Donnell/James Niland 56.70/61.05, 4 Ciaran McNena /Donal Coyle 62.45/64.55; Long Jump 1 Ruairi McNena/Jack O’Dwyer 3.05/2.63, 3 Brian O’Gara/Ben Casey 2.55/2.55; Turbo Javelin 2 Ciaran McNena/Brian O’Gara 8.87/7.69, 3 Jack O’Dwyer/Jake Molloy 7.26/7.03; 4x100m 2 Craughwell AC 1:11.90 (Ciaran McNena, Darragh O'Donnell, Danny Cahill, Ruairi McNena), 4 Craughwell AC 1:18.51 (Jake Molloy, Donal Coyle, Jack O'Dwyer, Sean Niland, James Niland).



In addition to the paired successes in the U9-11 age groups, individual medals were also awarded to the top three athletes in each event with Craughwell AC again featuring prominently with Lauren Morgan taking gold in the U11 Girls 60m sprint and silver in the long jump, Mia Hollingsworth bronze in the U11 Girls Long Jump, Jack Cahill gold in the U11 Boys 600m and silver in the 60m sprint, Ethan Stace gold in the U11 Boys turbo javelin, Sam Casey and Kai Watters silver and bronze in the U11 Boys long jump, Remy Aylmer silver in the U10 Girls 60m sprint and 500m, Anna Kelly silver in the U10 Girls turbo javelin, Calum McMahon gold in the U10 Boys 60m sprint, Alan Hallinan silver in the U10 Boys 500m, Oisin O’Donovan and Luke Connaughton gold and bronze in the U10 Boys long jump, Lilly May Grealish silver in the U9 Girls turbo javelin, Darragh O’Donnell silver in the U9 Boys 300m and bronze in the 60m sprint, Ruairi McNena silver in the U9 Boys long jump, and Ciaran McNena and Brian O’Gara silver and bronze in the U9 Boys turbo javelin.

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And there were many more PBs and fine performances from athletes from the club which came up just short of the medals on this occasion including:


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