Hello all
I got a letter by email from the HSE as did all the other parents of Craughwell NS 6th class children informing us that our children had been in close contact with a visitor to the school who subsequently tested positive for Coronavirus. 
This means that those children are CLOSE CONTACTS and so have to stay off school and limit social activities until 17th March. 
CONTACTS OF CONTACTS such as parents like me, siblings, families, neighbours, work colleagues etc are not affected and as per latest HSE guidelines given  (11 am) do not need to isolate themselves and can continue to go to activities such as athletics coaching, athletics training, social gathering and go to work as normal. 
So at the moment only 6th class CNS children are affected. 
The situation can change and if so the HSE will notify me as a parent of a Close Contact and I will pass relevant information to club members. 
Please read HSE guidelines in relation to the Coronavirus and how to prevent infection. 
Please wash hands carefully.
Please bring your own hand sanitizer and or wipes to athletics training if you wish.
Any questions or concerns you have can be directed to the HSE as they have a very good FAQ or text me directly. 
Rita Kelly
Craughwell AC Child Welfare Officer
6 March 2020
Sunday the 5th. .