Image The AGM of Craughwell AC Juvenile Club will take place Thursday 23rd February at 8pm sharp in St. Michael’s Hall in Craughwell. It is hoped that all parents of athletes in the club can attend to get a full account of 2005 activities and give any opinions they have on the running of the club. It is hoped to conclude the business of the AGM by 9pm and follow it immediately with a meeting of the new committee for 2006. Parents are welcome to attend both meetings – but if under time pressure to get home, the AGM is the important one to attend. The 7.30pm and 8.30pm training sessions will not take place on that Thursday on account of the AGM.
Craughwell Athletic Club
Agenda for
Annual General Meeting
23 February 2006
Start of AGM
1.        Minutes of Last AGM
[5 mins]
2.        Matters Arising from Minutes
3.        Chairperson’s Address
[5 mins]
4.        Registrar’s Report
5.        Secretary’s Report
[5 mins]
6.        PRO’s Report
7.        Treasurer’s Report
[5 mins]
8.        Election of Officers
a.        Chairperson
b.       Secretary
c.        Treasurer
d.       PRO
e.        Registrar
f.         Youth/Child Officer
g.       Vice Chairperson
h.       Assistant Secretary
i.         Assistant Treasurer
[15 mins]
9.        Appointments to Other Positions
a.        Club Photographer/s
b.       Equipment Coordinator
c.        Kit Coordinator
d.       Age Group Coordinators
e.        Session Administrators
f.         Delegates to County Board
g.       Delegates to Connacht Board
h.       Representative on Hall Committee
i.         Yearbook Committee
[15 mins]
10.     Any other business
[10 mins]
End of AGM
All are welcome to stay on for the committee meeting
Start of Committee Meeting
1.        Minutes of last meeting
[5 mins]
2.        Matters arising from minutes
3.        Open actions
  • Open Credit Union a/c with €2000 [Mary G]
  • Follow-up re sports injury talk from Paula Uniacke [Tom]
  • Schedule LJ coaching session with Jim Ryan – on some Friday [Tom]
  • Come back with details/potential times for first aid course [Michael]
  • Compile list of club records [Michael]
[5 mins]
4.        Yearbook update
[20 mins]
5.        Fixtures update
[5 mins]
6.        Training facilities update
[5 mins]
7.        Draft Constitution and Rules
[5 mins]
8.        Any other business
[10 mins]
9.        Date/time for next meeting
End of Committee Meeting
Tuesday the 2nd. .