Great news for a Craughwell AC athlete in a slightly alternative athletics event!  Rob Hogan had an incredible round yesterday - shooting an awesome 77 in 39.31 minutes, an unbelievable performance and a big pb of 116 for him, if I'm not mistaken.  His Golf score was the second lowest of the day, and his time was the fastest by almost 5 minutes - Olympic Silver Medallist Nick Willis coming closest with 44 mins.  The shortest point to point distance for 18 holes on Bandon Dunes is over 6k - imagine running that in 39 minutes carrying your own clubs and stopping 77 times to hit the ball along the way - incredible stuff.  Bernard Lagat is having a tough time in 25th place, but it's the golf that's letting him down - he shot 118 in 59 mins, which is 30 seconds per shot - the same hit rate as Rob.  

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Even though he's off to a dream start, it's only half way and anything can happen.  You can watch the tournament live on: 

It resumes around 4pm irish time.

Monday the 25th. .