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ImageFurther to recent email on this subject, we're holding a very informal time-trial on next Sunday 12th Feb starting at 9am sharp. Its informal in the sense that there are no race numbers, no entry fee, no prizes, no goody bags, no food, no changing rooms, no .... the list goes on! So what do you get?
The only thing you get is a convenient race with other runners to see what your 10k time is like. You need to approach it like you'd approach a race and try to get a PB. The course will be measured using Mark's GPS watch - so it will be a pretty accurate 10k. But your PB won't be an official PB since for that, the course has to be measured differently (by an official AAI course measurer with a Jones Counter which is a gadget attached to a bicycle).
If interested, please meet at the hall in Craughwell before 8.45am. At 8.45am we will jog up to the race start. About 20 people have indicated interest.
Route is as follows:
1) start approx 1km from the hall (down the Ballywinna road)
2) run into Craughwell village
3) turn left in middle of village to go past hurling pitch
4) turn right at T-junction
5) take next left at fork in road (just after signpost for Kilconiern Community Alert area)
6) take next right off this road (be careful for this right turn - it comes as the road swings sharply to the left, so the right turn is actually more like going straight ahead)
7) turn right at next cross-roads (you come back onto road that you left at 5) above
8) stay on this road - you briefly come back onto part of the earlier route for a few hundred metres (the part from step 4 to step 5) . Make sure not to turn back down to the hurling pitch.
9) keep goi ng along this road, past the graveyard, until you reach a t-junction after a few km
10) turn left and this takes you past the race start line and onto the race finish near the hall
I will have a route map at the start if anyone is confused!
We will try if possible to arrange a water station around half-way. If we do this, we'll have a person collecting cups/bottles about 200m after the water station so please don't throw your cup/bottle on the ground