playgroundIn news slightly unrelated to Athletics, the Craughwell Community Development Association has been beavering away in the background for the last couple of years canvassing local politicians etc on our behalf for the betterment of the village.  The most often quoted shortcoming in the village is the lack of any community space where people can walk, relax or play (aside from the fantastic and appreciated astroturf facility). 

Funding has never been harder to come by, but there are concrete plans underway to develop a playground in the village.  This is a very worthy cause and will be the source of many fundraising activities over the next while.  As many of these events will be fun events as possible

One of the first of these is a Poker Classic to start with in Cawleys on Friday 17th April at 9pm.There will be a guaranteed prize fund of €1,500.The tickets cost €40 each.  For details please contact:

 Triona Coppinger 0879776360
John Walsh 0860400714,
Ann Marie Halley 0868598559.

If like me you are not a hardened poker player then perhaps the following image will help (click read more):

Monday the 6th. .