In these recessionary times it's great to see value for money. One of the best value races around has to be the inaugral Celtic100 which is taking place in the prom in Salthill on Saturday. This race is 30 euro to enter - however if you don't think that's cheap you just need to see the distance. It's actually an incredible 100K race which involves running a 1 kilometer stretch in the prom approximately 100 times over and back!

What an excellent bargain at only 3 cent per kilometer! The leaders will be running this 62.1 mile course at an awesome clip - apparently well under 3 hour marathon pace to finish in just about 7 hours. Today is quite breezy but it's supposed to die down a bit tomorrow which is a disapointment for the more bloodthirsty specators among us. The first finishers will be coming home around 3PM if you are interested in going in to see it. To put the distance in perspective, it's the equivalent of running Dublin marathon twice followed Galway Bay 10.. all in a row. It HAS to be carnage.

Thursday the 9th. .