Read carefully; please take heed it’s in your interest:

Registration is open to ALL on the night (5 euro which like the rest of the series money goes straight to the County board for Juvenille Athletics).  Since we mostly have bigger numbers than the other races, it's vital that you move quickly along the chute at the end to get your number taken down or you'll mess up the race for others.  It's hard to remember to do this when you're gasping but we'll be shouting at you to do same so just do what you're told!!

There will be three car parks, the church, the school and for those arriving early the hall, marshals will give directions to the school.

Registration 7:00 to 7:45 and it WILL close at 7:45sharp.  Please wear your number on your FRONT.

NO number NO run marshals WILL remove you from the course no excuses!

If you forget your number please visit helpdesk beforehand there will be no issues.

The roads are open, please use caution NO IPods NO walkmans.

The course is all left hand turns; please obey the marshals at all times. If you aren't familiar with the course - check it out here.

At the finish line spectators and finishers WILL only be allowed behind coned areas.  Running back to incoming finishers WILL NOT be permitted.

The Race WILL go off at 8:00pm sharp  

We wish you all lots of luck and hope you have a great evening from Craughwell AC!

Tuesday the 29th. .