Keith KellyI can't wait for this!!  The European Cross Country is on in Santry, Dublin on December 13th.  Mark it in your diary!  The tickets are now for sale on ticketmaster but don't go buying them yet as any AAI members get really decent discounts and we will receive the details soon in the post which I'll relay here.

We have a super mens team this year so it could cap off an unreal year of Irish sport.  This is your opportunity to see Cragg and Fagan in the flesh (well whatever flesh they have which isn't a whole lot).  And also the amazing Mary Cullen!  Not to mention the likes of Lebid, Farah and the savage British womens team. 

I also would be stoked if my hero national champ and Drogheda legend Keith Kelly (left) miraculously made it back to fitness by then to prop the team up. (You can follow Kel as he crawls his way back to fitness on his website - yesterday he had his first 10-minute run in 4 months!!).  Pic from RTE website.

Saturday the 25th. .