Fittingly the 5k series ended in holiday fashion as we had our most spectacular evening of sunshine yet.  I was initially fearful of how the modified course would work with the big numbers, but it was really excellent.  I think the evening was so hot that it actually worked in our favor since it put off some of the walk-up competitors from actually doing the race so my nightmare of 800-1000 competitors didn't materialise.  As it was the second and third lap involved a lot of overtaking for the leaders and it led to slower times all round - still it was interesting and gave most of the field a chance to watch Gerry at least once as the great man cruised home alone again.  The only time he looked in trouble was in the first 400m when Alan "Bolt" Burke challenged him for the bend.

The finish area was excellent - complete with inflatable finish line which really added to the atmosphere.  Afterwards the men of Craughwell AC finished our warm down jog with a swim in the Corrib which was just what the bodies needed, followed by some laughs in the Westwood.

Thanks to GCH for another immaculate bout of race-hosting and well done to all the competitors in this years series.

Loughrea video
There is a video of the loughrea leg of the 5k series online at the Loughrea website - check it out here if you haven't already:  You can clearly see from this video how many people crossed the line with no number or with their numbers hidden.  This makes it very hard for the organiser trying to compile results.

Lost and Found: Craughwell
There were two items from the Craughwell race that were left behind - I have them at home now and will take a picture of them on Friday when I end up back at home.  They are a black long-sleeved running top and also a pair of prescription sunglasses.  If you have lost or heard of someone that lost these items please get in touch and I'll get them to you asap.

Saturday the 23rd. .