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A few months back, we had started a regular Sunday morning run in Craughwell which went very well for 6 or 7 weeks, with 10 or more people taking part. Then, bowled over by enthusiam, we decided to switch the run to Renvyle Park in Oranmore as it was a more pleasant environment, off the road etc.. This worked for a couple of weeks but unfortunately the numbers dropped after a few weeks and eventually it fizzelled out.


Now that the recent 10K series has concluded successfully, we have restarted the Sunday morning run.  A longer steady Sunday run is a vital part of every training program as it encourages weight loss and endurance, and will really help your times improve if you aren't doing it already.  This long run is made much easier if you have company to chat with when you are doing it. 
We will plan to meet between 8:50 and 9:00 at the hall in Craughwell, leaving the hall at 9:00am sharp. 
We will usually run it in shorter loops of one of the many scenic routes around Craughwell, so you can run for as short or as long as you like  - the actual route can be decided on the morning.

Runners from other clubs or unaffiliated runners are also more than welcome to join in.  See you there!