Well done to all in the Dublin Marathon yesterday - some super times and plenty of appearances on TV.  I wish RTE coverage just showed the finish line a bit more so we could see people finishing.  On a decent but slightly "muggy" day for running, Paul Keane was the club's first man home in 2:53, followed by Paddy Holohan on 3:01.  Great running lads.  I won't mention anyone else because I am sure to miss people out of the nearly 12,000 entrants! 

Anyhow for anyone finding it awkward to view result on the dublin marathon web page, try looking here:


 At least this lets you search by name, etc.  Well done all again - completing a marathon is a seriously tough challenge!

Paul Keane02:53:19
Patrick Holohan03:01:35
Barry Phelan03:25:11
Daniel Sheehan03:31:06
Mike O' Mahony03:31:30
 Mary Kealy03:40:14
Liam Rabbitt03:46:14
Frank Byrnes03:46:43
Anne Moran03:50:38
John Donnellan03:54:39
Paul Nevin03:57:03
Jude Donnellan03:58:44
Jane Reeves04:03:29
Louise O' Rourke04:04:20
John Kearney04:06:18
Sean Conroy04:07:21
Rena Deely04:08:38
Ann Kelly04:16:17
Tara Canning04:17:57
Mary Loughnane04:18:38
William Cannon04:22:56
Kathleen Gorman04:29:46
Geraldine Farrelly04:31:07
Fiona Diviney04:34:54
Tony Nevin04:36:00
Marie Rooney04:36:06
Miriam Mc Cartin04:36:33
Noreena Morrissey04:43:31
Maria Mc Ardle05:01:31
Julie Gallagher06:01:07
Noel Carroll06:01:09

Thursday the 4th. .