Looking for a new year's target?

In case you didn't spot it over on RunIreland or at the Athenry launch, the Craughwell 10 Mile road race is on this year on the 18th of March at 1:00PM.  The poster is below, picture courtesy of John O'Connor. For the third time in a row, Irelands oldest sports store Elvery's have come in to help sponsor the race.  (The sales in Elverys is well worth checking out by the way - I got two pairs of good asics for 90 euro on Monday).


The course is identical to last year and once again we'll do our best to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

Gray Lake

In a year where we could have actually run a race ON the lake, we get to have another race around it.  A few years ago, there were hardly any races around and they were all big events to look forward to.  Nowdays there's a new race cropping up every weekend, and in some ways it's detracting from road racing in my eyes (just my own opinion) in that each race has less participants and less of a unique feel. 

There is no doubt that the best races  are the Club ones.  They have great value, quality, culture and prestige and an edge of history to them.   They are also spaced well enough apart to base your running year around them.  There is also the good feeling to know that you are supporting a great charity that is local community sport.

Loughrea club race is the grandaddy of them all, having been in operation for many many years in various guises.  It is by far the most prestigous of the Galway races by any measure - formally having been a BUPA Great Ireland run and having hosted athletes such as Sonia O'Sullivan and Paula Radcliffe.   In fact, if you look at the record books you will see that Sonia's 1999 time is still the world record for 5 miles AND 8k - not too many races can boast that!

They have continued to innovate and keep things fresh and anyone who ran their 10k route last year will agree that it's a superior course.

The kids race has to be moentioned - it's one of the biggest kids races in the country!

So set your sights on Loughrea for the 25th September - give your support to our near neighbors and enjoy a fantastic event in the process.  For more details visist http://www.loughreaathleticclub.com/.   See you there!


Sean Connolly was mentioned in an interesting article in today's Irish Independent - less than two weeks after setting his excellent new Craughwell 10 course record.  He is part of a contingent of Irish lads looking to achieve the target time for the 2012 London Marathon.  I think Galway's gary Thornton should be in that list too as when he's "on" he's better than most of the lads mentioned!

"Hooper coaches Sean Connolly, who is first into the fray in Rotterdam on April 10, and a week later Alistair Cragg and Mark Kenneally are making their eagerly awaited marathon debuts in Boston and Vienna respectively."

The full article is here.


It's all over bar the pictures and menories, and perhaps the few pounds you gained in the post-race food binge.  Oh and of course you have your medal.  The medals this year were smaller than last (unplanned, long story!), but really well made.

I was initially a little disappointed with them - but it turns out they are the most useful medal I've ever had.  If you can bring yourself to cut off the Ribbon, they make the most amazing keyring!  



Thursday the 9th. .