Is it better to be an optimist or a pessimist?  I think pessimists are happpier in the end since they expect the worst and so don't get disappointed.

Due to the flyers and posters going up around the place and also the new year effect, the stream of entries is really picking up.  We are getting about 10 a day or more.  At current count there are 58 days and roughly 240 places remaining for the race so why not avoid disappointment and book your place today.

Don't like online credit cards?
Watch out for us at two brilliant local races Tuam 8k this Sunday and also at Athenry 10k on the 23rd where we will be taking entries at a desk for those of you that don't trust this fancy internet thing.   Also, you can enter postally by filling out and posting this entry form and posting as per instructions.



Well it's early days yet and just into the 5th week of registrations and already we have nearly 190 people signed up.  So who's in?

Click read more for more stats if you're a nerd or just interesting in knowing who else might be there! 

No more flooding puns please!
A tad soggy but will be fine on the day!

Craughwell 10 is starting to fill up - it's over 30% full with 150 of the maximum 500 entrants signed up. If you are doing Athenry 10k on the 3rd Jan or Tuam 8k on 17th of Jan we will be there taking registrations if you don't trust this fancy internet thing - otherwise just log on the runireland and sign up today to avoid disappointment!


what time did I do?
Ten miles - a nice round number - as the famous Ballycotton motto has it "a classic distance".  It think it's a fascinating distance and I'm delighted that it was chosen for our club race.

Call me old fashioned but when someone talks distance to me I still think in terms of miles.  I like metric as well as the next man, but I usually convert my minutes per kilometer into minutes per mile to see how I'm really doing.  For that reason 10 Miles is much easier on my brain, from a mathematical standpoint.  It is so easy to figure out the pace you need to run at in order to reach your goal.  9 minute miles will get you home in 90 minutes.  6 minute miles in 60 and so on.

It's an intimidating distance too - definitely not to be taken lightly.  If your pal asked you to run a 10k in the morning you would probably think "ah sure why not - I'm not fit but I'll muddle round". Not so with 10 miles - you need to have some work done and treat it with respect.

For most of us ten miles will take us close to or possibly much longer than an hour.  I remember reading before that your body can hold enough water for an hours efficient running and that after that strange things can happen.  This fits with my experience - if I'm running longer than an hour I need to take in a bit of water.  It's like different parts of the body are getting used.

Saturday the 25th. .