Thanks to all who showed up to our end of term 5k time trial ,thanks to all who helped organise the refreshments in the hall afterwards, it was as usual a superb spread.This was the first trial for many and you all performed amazingly.Keep up the good work!

Results listed below alphabetically :

72329.53Aine Rooney 
74931.07Amie flaherty 
76431.18Andrea Mullahy 
73540.08Ann Concannon 
71433.29Annmarie Callahan 
74329.48Aoife Roney 
74137.54Ashling Niland 
73233.54Asling Coll 
74629.41Bernie Mulkerins 
75231.19Betty Colemanpacer
76019.57Brendan Gallagher 
71133.11Carmel Lyons 
75131.09Cathrine Mc Cormack
73825.37Celcila Miskella 
72142.54Celina O'Leary 
77325.45Cepta Daly 
70728.00Clare Calahan 
74730.11Cora Molloy 
76627.36Cormac O'Brien 
75921.39David Porter 
72729.44Deidre Devane 
77429.07Deidre Mathews 
74036.03Denise Barry 
70027.21Dominque Murphy 
70441.34Edel Ryanpacer
76329.33Eileen O'Donnell 
71341.16Eileen Wheelan 
70940.07Emer Burke 
70832.54Esther Reddington 
70331.08Graine O'Meara 
73051.04Helen Vandebackpacer
76929.14Helena O'Gorman 
74230.55James Diviney 
76820.59John Woods 
71741.14Judie Rooney 
71233.02Karl Lynch 
72629.45Keith Devane 
75724.22Kevin Malone 
70629.00Kevin O'Leary 
71038.52Leo Condron 
71941.33Linda Lyons 
72544.39Lorna Nevinpacer
76529.41Louise Butler 
72430.03Maraid Lane 
75629.55Marie Mc Namara 
71529.00Marie Rooney 
72829.18Mary O'Reilly 
74528.54Maura Walsh 
75523.14Niall Stewart 
71844.39Niamh Rooney 
72040.46Niki Rooney 
77023.01Noel O'Gorman 
73931.17Orla Irwin 
73433.29Patricia Burke 
73722.15Paul Miskella 
71627.58Paula Rooney 
75431.59Phil Mc Cready 
70134.46Rachael Duggan 
75028.15Rachael Waldron 
74423.00Rena Deely 
73137.54Rosemary Brown 
76128.50Sarah Connolly 
75820.48Sean Gallagher 
73336.54Sharon AllenPacer
77128.02Sina Finn 
76717.36Tom Niland 
76229.32Treasa James 
70230.52Treasa malone 
73643.56Una MC Donagh 
75330.27Ursla Whirskey 
72236.53Valerie O'Leary 
72940.51Valerie Slatterypacer
Saturday the 4th. .