10K Fever – Handicaps for next Craughwell Race

10K Fever – Handicaps for next Craughwell Race

10K fever is gripping the country – the National 10K's were on last weekend and Craughwell had one runner (me) who came 63rd in the overall race, in a time of 35:30 on the official clock.  The standard was very high. 

Congratulations to Athenry AC who were fifth team on the day and had the high honour of winning individual honours through Paul McNamara for the second year in a row.  More on this at AthenryAC.com.

Of course, that is only seconday to the racing event of the century – the Craughwell Handicap Series which continues this Sunday, 30th April 2006.

The Handicaps are posted below, along with the league table and an explanation of our innovative/needlessly complex scoring system!

Entry #Name CategoryClubEstimated TimeStart Time
20Diane DundonFCraughwell01:30:0008:30:00
21Marie CallananFCraughwell01:30:0008:30:00
19Maria GaffneyFCraughwell01:25:0008:35:00
29Nuala KeadyFCraughwell01:10:0008:50:00
12Alison FinnFCraughwell01:02:0008:58:00
25Mary PrendergastFCraughwell01:01:2008:58:40
38Deny JonesMCraughwell01:00:2008:59:40
15Sharon RafteryFCraughwell00:59:4009:00:20
13Kathleen WatersFCraughwell00:58:2009:01:40
11Sinead DavisFCraughwell00:58:0009:02:00
16Noel GormanMCraughwell00:56:0009:04:00
24Helen ColemanFCraughwell00:55:4009:04:20
37Ian QuinnMCraughwell00:53:2009:06:40
14Anne KellyFCraughwell00:51:2009:08:40
18Tony FitzpatrickMCraughwell00:50:4009:09:20
39Noel CraughwellMCraughwell00:50:2009:09:40
22Tony O'CallaghanMCraughwell00:50:0009:10:00
4Bernie KellyFGCH00:49:2009:10:40
26John RafteryMCraughwell00:48:4009:11:20
28John RusheMCraughwell00:48:0009:12:00
6Gabriel GardinerMCraughwell00:47:4009:12:20
9Emmet FarrellMCraughwell00:47:0009:13:00
31Philip MagnierMAthenry00:45:0009:15:00
36Ann Marie Hynes-MiskellFGCH00:45:0009:15:00
40Liam NolanMCraughwell00:44:2009:15:40
17Gerry FaheyMCraughwell00:44:0009:16:00
23Tony NevinMCraughwell00:43:0009:17:00
35James LundonMAthenry00:42:2009:17:40
32Gerry MastersonMAthenry00:42:0009:18:00
3Brian MurphyMCraughwell00:41:2009:18:40
8Wally WalshMCraughwell00:41:0009:19:00
33Owen CurrenMAthenry00:41:0009:19:00
7Josephine GardinerFMayo AC00:40:2009:19:40
27John O'ConnorMAthenry00:40:2009:19:40
5Alan BurkeMAthenry00:40:0009:20:00
10Darragh O'BrienMLoughrea00:38:4009:21:20
2Michael TobinMCraughwell00:37:0009:23:00
34Peter DelmerMAthenry00:36:2009:23:40
41Mick RiceMAthenry00:36:0009:24:00
1Mark DavisMCraughwell00:35:4009:24:20

Please take note of your start time and do try to be at the hall at least 20 minutes in advance of your start time to pick up your numbers and get warmed up.

League Table 

The formula for calculating the results is (Race Points from best two races) + No. of times you have competed.  Everyone who races scores two points and the first 15 score extra according to their position.  This is easier to understand if you consult the league table below:

Entry #Name CategoryR1R2R3R4Best2# RacesPoints Tally
40Liam NolanM170  17118
16Noel GormanM160  16117
39Noel CraughwellM150  15116
13Kathleen WatersF140  14115
14Anne KellyF130  13114
8Wally WalshM120  12113
3Brian MurphyM110  11112
38Deny JonesM100  10111
24Helen ColemanF90  9110
33Owen CurrenM80  819
31Philip MagnierM70  718
34Peter DelmerM60  617
5Alan BurkeM50  516
18Tony FitzpatrickM40  415
25Mary PrendergastF30  314
2Michael TobinM20  213
7Josephine GardinerF20  213
37Ian QuinnM20  213
26John RafteryM20  213
27John O'ConnorM20  213
35James LundonM20  213
22Tony O'CallaghanM20  213
4Bernie KellyF20  213
10Darragh O'BrienM20  213
9Emmet FarrellM20  213
1Mark DavisM00  000
6Gabriel GardinerM00  000
11Sinead DavisF00  000
12Alison FinnF00  000
15Sharon RafteryF00  000
17Gerry FaheyM00  000
19Maria GaffneyF00  000
20Diane DundonF00  000
21Marie CallananF00  000
23Tony NevinM00  000
28John RusheM00  000
29Nuala KeadyF00  000
32Gerry MastersonM00  000
36Ann Marie Hynes-MiskellF00  000
41Mick RiceM00  000
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