2.37.40 marathon for Mark Davis!!

2.37.40 marathon for Mark Davis!!

Word is filtering through of Mark Davis's exceptional run in today's Dublin City Marathon. Mark's unofficial time is 2.37.40 – an incredible achievement. 26 6-minute miles back to back! Thats somewhere between 6 mins and 6 mins 1 sec per mile! For the juveniles in the club who are more familar with running 800m races, thats just under 3 minutes per 800m but you have to run 53 of them in a row without any break!

Well done Mark! Read on below for Mark's position in the leaderboard, a fantastic 41st, with many Eastern European and African runners ahead of him – Mark is really in elite company now. Thats 41st out of 11700 participants.

To complete the triumphant day for Mark, it looks like he has placed 2nd or 3rd Irishman in the M35 category and thus be awarded an individual medal in the Athletics Ireland Marathon Championships!

Also running superbly, Tony Nevin got ever go close to going under 3 hrs – with an exceptional time of 3 hrs and 35 seconds to finish in 260th place overall. Fantastic stuff Tony!

No word yet on our other marathon participants, so will update later when those results come through.  ***28 Oct Update *** see end of report below


Update on our other participants:-

overallin cat.timetimetimetimetime
41Mark Davis (No. 8766)IrlM35800:37:1301:18:3401:50:5902:37:3902:37:37
260Tony Nevin (No. 9377)IrlM355400:42:1501:28:4302:06:4803:00:5103:00:35
2604Maura Egan (No. 10455)IrlF356200:55:4201:53:0702:39:4303:49:0503:47:37
3522Valerie Fogarty (No. 10814)IrlF408300:57:1901:59:3002:49:2503:59:1403:57:46
3585Kathleen Waters (No. 11622)IrlF408400:55:5501:55:4802:46:5903:59:5103:58:24
5821Muiriosa Holohan (No. 3260)IrlF57201:05:5202:17:2103:14:4304:32:4704:31:06
5832Michael Carr (No. 1896)IrlM4077101:05:5202:17:2103:14:4304:32:5304:31:10
6001Maria Lane (No. 5020)IrlF61601:05:5102:17:2103:15:1904:35:5804:34:15
6487Dymphna Scanlon (No. 6040)IrlF3524401:05:5302:19:4203:19:2204:44:2204:42:41
6488Karen Guest (No. 3495)IrlF3524501:05:5202:19:3803:19:1504:44:2304:42:41
6633Sharon Allen (No. 5019)IrlF3526001:05:5302:19:4203:19:2504:47:1504:45:33

Fantastic running by everyone!!!!!!

Some other comments from Tony N on the performances:-

  • Three of above are fit4life beginners from november last year, Sharon,Dymphna,Karen. 
  • Muiriosa started earlier this year.Mike doesn't have six months running done yet! 
  • Maria & Maura are only slightly more experianced. 
  • Kathleen was doing her second marathon. 
  • Two non club members who deserve mention also – Tony's brother Fergus (not affiliated ,not a runner ) ran two marathons yesterday "his first and last" in aid of CF. He raised well over 1000 euro. 
  • Anne Hession of Craughwell who walked the distance. 
  • Remarkable!!! efforts from all I think. 





The times for Fergus and Anne were:-

Place Name From Cat. Place 10km 1st-half 30km Chip Finish overall    in cat. time time time time time
1238 Fergus Nevin (No. 4126) Irl M 456 00:53:25 01:46:24 02:28:31 03:29:16 03:26:24
9082 Anne Hession (No. 1571) Irl F60 41 01:45:58 03:37:02 05:05:00 07:01:53 06:56:21

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