5 Down 1 To Go–

5 Down 1 To Go–

Well its nearly over for another year, we have had a massive turnout for every race this year and have seen great efforts from all levels, elite to novice, week on week.  Taking into account that six months ago many entrants would not have even attempted to run 1 kilometre let alone race 5 kilometres and further more 6 in a row, but run them they did. I think everyone came out all the better for doing them, bar one or two minor casualties everyone is still in one piece,This is a huge achievement I hope you are proud of yourselves and happy with your times, remember they are on permanent record now! And there’s still a T-shirt at stake.RESULTS BELOW

If anyone is fond of the keyboard I would love to hear your personal stories, experiences, opinions, gripes or disasters- it may even make next years series better

 if that’s possible. I would like to post the best ones on the web so no bad language please.

It is a credit to the six local clubs for their efforts in organising so many successful races along side all the other community events and activities running every week. Credit is also due to those keeping and posting such accurate records race after race ,within minutes and despite the odd close call ! Fair play James/Mark! Sincere thanks to everyone involved form Craughwell AC Fit4life. 

Finally if you feel like telling your stories with a few scoops on board Jwhy not join our fit4lifers on 5 July, we are having a summer barbeque at City Limits Oranmore from 7:00pm. Admission 20 euro per head, places are limited and selling out fast so let me know ASAP. Please email to reserve your place –fit4life@o2.ie or call /text me on 086 702 6798.

 All are welcome especially anyone who is thinking of joining Fit4life come see what you are missing; this invite is extended to all six club members and spouses. This is an excellent opportunity for all the clubs to meet and see how successful Fit4life has been for Craughwell, Athenry and Galway city. Fit4life can really benefit you and your club.

PS .Best of luck in Dangan!!

NameNum RacesAthenryTuamCwellCgalwayLrea
Barry Phelan519:3719:3419:1519:0219:26
Caroline Niland531:0330:5730:0727:5329:19
Gabriel Gardiner523:0822:5022:2021:5522:23
Gerry Joyce534:3927:5926:2825:4724:54
James Cannon523:0022:2322:2421:5121:21
Johnny Lane517:2917:2317:1117:1417:21
Julie Gallagher528:4529:3228:1727:4327:59
Justin Niland518:4018:3918:2017:5517:55
Kathleen Waters524:0724:3724:0324:2024:34
Keith Devane528:0528:2728:1328:4328:27
Marie Kelly528:2229:0228:4429:5328:40
Niamh Cahalan528:3130:3330:0528:3624:12
Nuala Fitzpatrick538:1740:3734:??35:1639:51
Oliver Niland522:1422:3022:2521:2422:11
Pat Kelly528:3328:5927:2326:1726:12
Peggy Lynch529:2829:0829:1128:4728:19
Rena Deely526:2826:5026:3025:5125:30
Ruth Lynch531:1830:47>31:0028:3030:06
Sharon Allen528:0428:4128:0728:0027:58
Siobhan McMahon528:3629:1227:5327:1127:37
Tony O'Callaghan526:0626:0725:2324:5625:16
Anthony Fitzpatrick424:0940:38 35:1539:52
Brenda Gaughan428:3929:3228:0627:18 
Cepta Daley428:54 28:5328:3333:52
David Tierney423:5423:5623:51 23:51
Diarmuid Quill425:1924:58 24:2423:53
Dymph Scanlon428:0427:50 26:4827:07
Johnny Nevin423:0723:5823:32 23:40
Maria Lane426:4726:2525:02 25:11
Mark Davis416:3916:54 16:2316:27
Muiriosa Holohan426:35 26:2125:4125:31
Orla Davis425:0226:0125:0724:49 
Pat Reidy425:0324:3723:52 23:39
Sheila Cannon427:4427:2626:4827:41 
Suzanne Joyce430:3231:55>31:0030:25 
Tony Nevin417:5718:22 18:0218:21
Charlotte O'Regan325:22 26:56 25:10
Marie Doyle3  28:0531:1626:56
Maurice Headd3  22:3721:4421:47
Emma Hawkins225:23 24:53  
Jane Reevs2  25:3124:23 
Karen Guest225:5026:55   
Margaret Foy229:3030:00   
Maura Egan222:50 23:02  
Tom Hawkins2  22:1522:33 
Beth Noon1  27:28  
Cathrio Cosgrove1  >31:00  
Lillian Redington128:48    
Lorna Nevin1  >31:00  
Lorraine Creavan1  27:05  
Martin Corcoran1  16:38  
Michael Carr1  27:50  
Noel Gormon1  25:31  
Patrick cosgrove1  27:44  
Patrick Holohan118:00    
Rhoda Browne1  >31:00  
Sharron Gilligan1  27:18  
Una Carelton1  26:43  

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