a marathon without the pain ,thats the way!

a marathon without the pain ,thats the way!

On Monday 31 January and Tuesday 1 February the Town Hall Theatre presents a show which literally runs and runs….. Marathon by Edoardo Erba, translated by Colin Teevan is an amazing drama which captures the challenges of the long distance runner and the unique pressures it puts not only on the mind but on friendship.  The two actors, played by Brian Hutton and Matthew Ralli, are literally running thoughtout the entire play – it brings new meaning to the concept of a theatrical workout! 

The play is set at night-time on a country road.  Mark and Steve are training for the event of their lives. They find themselves running into their past and into their future. Funny, energetic and brave, Marathon is a beautifully simple exploration of what it means to be alive and has a twist in its tail that will stay with you long into the night. 

Hurricane Theatre Company and director Niall Cleary present a production that stretches both the limits of physical endurance and the possibilities of the theatre itself: sometimes hilarious and always heartfelt, the story sprints to its unexpected conclusion.

Niall Cleary’s recent work includes Citizenship by Mark Ravenhill at Nuns Island Theatre for GYT at the Galway Arts Festival 2010 and he also worked with Andrew Flynn on Tarry Flynn for the Town Hall theatre.  In preparation for the production Niall also ran the New York City Marathon so that he can sit guilt free in the rehearsal room as the actors literally run for hours!  

'Niall Cleary’s direction strikes a perfect balance……You may need a sharp intake of breath to absorb the shock at the end but Marathon and its novel format is very healthy food for thought.'

 Irish Theatre Magazine Review


Booking is now open at the Town Hall Theatre on 091-569777 or on the web at www.tht.ie.

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