Agony and joy on streets of Dublin

Agony and joy on streets of Dublin

The weather was ideal, but there is never anything easy about a marathon..  I'll leave the full report to Tony, Peter or one of the others that did the event but here are a few pictures I dug up of our athletes in action:

The Sub-3 Amigos

Craughwell were led home on the day in an incredible run by Justin Niland of 2:57:06.  This was a simply amazing debut marathon run given the amount of training that Justin has been doing whilst struggling with injuries.  He must be one tough customer.  Justin was closely tailed by Peter and Johnny.  Click read more for more pictures!.

Tony Posing

How YOU doin’..??

The full results are up here:

If you copy your bib number into you might find pictures of yourself! 

Here are whatever Craughwell people I found:

Tony Paddy

Tony and Paddy: 3:20


The hard road

Justin: 2:57:06


Peter: 2:57:25


Johnny: 2:59:38


Rena Deely 04:12:57

Peter o Sullivan 02:57:16

Sharon Gilligan 03:48:37

Pat Reidy 04:07:57

John Reidy 04:52:14

Jane Reeves 04:13:00

Michael Carr  04:15:11

Justin Niland 02:56:59

Johnny Lane 02:59:30

Patrick Holohan 03:20:02

Muiriosa Holohan 04:04:38

Sheila Cannon 04:14:23

Tony Nevin 03:20:02

Julie Gallagher 05:09:49

Valery Slattery 05:11:51

Mary Loughnane 04:56:48

Dervilla Darcy 04:24:45

Wally Walsh 03:46:31

Kathleen Waters 03:59:26

Edel Ryan 05:11:51


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