All Set for the Connacht Indoors!

All Set for the Connacht Indoors!

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(note U15 girls omitted from above entries – its being corrected!)

Craughwell AC will have a bumper attendance next Sunday with over 120 athletes entered in the Connacht Indoor Track & Field in Athlone IT’s fabulous new indoor facility. Athletes and parents should be prepared for a relatively long day but have the added advantage of the college’s excellent canteen facilities and nearby shopping centres if parents get bored!

The club will have 27 athletes involved in the U12 age group, 29 in the U13s, 18 in the U14s, 14 in the U15s and 34 in the older age groups. We will have a bus going early Sunday. If interested, let Michael Tobin known asap 087 6591879.

With the track already having earned its reputation as one of the fastest tracks in Europe, the novel long jump pit designed to help motivate athletes to jump further is getting mixed reviews.

The jury is still out as to the effectiveness of the new pit but it will certainly keep athletes on a knife edge this weekend. Only joking of course, it’s not designed to make you jump further but rather a brainwave of Connacht official Pat Fitzgibbon to eliminate competitors more quickly in order to run the event off on time :-).

The provisional program for the day is available at

with an early start at 10am for the U12, U14, U16 and U18 relays.

The U12 relays are to be on the track at 9.45am so please be there in plenty of time. Please note that the times on the program are only provisional. If you are trying to guess the times of an event, events will not get in the way of each other and I would expect that the outer track and inner track will be in full use throughout the day. My guess at how schedule will shape up is as follows:

  • Outer track: With lots of U12 teams likely to be taking part, I would expect the morning relays to run behind schedule but the rest of the day seems to have plenty of time for the remaining events and I think they will start to run ahead of schedule as the afternoon progresses. But for anyone involved in the uneven age relays at the end, it will still be quite late before they start … 5.30pm per the program or possibly earlier if events go ahead of schedule. It will take around 90 minutes to run off these relays.
  • Inner track: With 2 hours allocated to the sprints commencing at 11.30am, this schedule will be tight as there will be loads of heats particularly in the younger ages. But overall the inner track should finish early enough in the afternoon.
  • Shot putt: Starts at 10.30am and should run off in 3 hours I reckon.
  • High jump: Starts at 10.30am. There might be a little bit of delay if anyone’s run-up needs them to step into the sprint lanes. If only 1 high jump in use, it will probably take around 5 hours to run them all off – roughly 30 minutes per group. But if 2 high jumps in use, it will take a lot less.
  • Long jump: As usual, the long jump will be the problem event with large numbers expected. I would allow 60 to 90 minutes for each of the younger ages. If there are 30 participants in an age group, it will likely take 90 minutes to run off. There will be two pits in progress so that will help. I’d guess the U12s and 13s will each take 90 minutes to run off so that takes us to 1.30pm. Each of the remaining groups would take 60 minutes or so if 20 participants taking us up to 5.30pm or later if officials take a break.


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