Amazing Results from U9-12s in Dangan!

Amazing Results from U9-12s in Dangan!

Half (!) of Craughwell AC’s U11 Girls Squad relaxing at the track

Results from Dangan on Saturday are out! And another incredible day for Craughwell AC with over 170 athletes in action across the 44 events in the U9 to 12s age groups and an incredible 69 podium finishes. It’s not just about podium finishes however – there were dozens of tremendous performances and personal bests from many athletes who competed to their best on the day and whose day on the podium will come in the future as they continue to train and improve. Highlight of the day was Lucas Keane breaking 3m for the first time in the U10 long jump with a leap of 3.01m and a loud yell to mark the occasion! A personal highlight for me was the unselfishness of 3 U10 athletes who stepped up onto U11 relay teams at short notice so that every one of the U11s were part of a full relay team.

Full details of the performances are in the attached pdf file at the bottom of this article. A big well done to South Galway AC who did all the admin work for the event including the results production. It takes a lot of hours on the PC to do all that and sometimes it goes unnoticed in our anxiety to receive the final results.

The club’s participation levels and performances were astonishing – with over half the participants and taking home over half of the silverware – in fact the club medalled in every single event bar 3 and came very close in those 3, placing 4th in the U12 boys 60m, 6th in the U12 girls 600m and 7th in the U12 boys 600m. The clubs performances in long jump and turbo javelin were particularly impressive, in many cases taking 6 or 7 of the top places in the event. Details of the podium finishers for the club are as follows:-

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Girls 60m 3 Eve Ayo 9.49
Girls 4x100m 2 Craughwell (Anna Molloy, Eve Ayo, Rebecca Lynch, Hannah Hynes, subs Oliwia Koman, Caoimhe Connolly) 1.04.12
Boys 4x100m 2 Craughwell (Kieran O Connor, Lukas Schukat, Liam Mulveen, Conor Hoade, subs Robert Urquhart, Liam McDonagh) 58.82
Girls Long Jump 3 Anna Molloy 3.31
Boys Long Jump 1 Conor Hoade 4.21
Boys Long Jump 2 Lukas Schukat 3.97
Girls High Jump 2 Oliwia Koman 1.00
Boys High Jump 1 Conor Hoade 1.28
Boys High Jump 2 Lukas Schukat 1.25
Girls Shot Putt 2 Regina Maduka 5.93
Boys Shot Putt 2 Liam McDonagh 6.85
Boys Shot Putt 3 Oisin Keane 6.84
Girls Turbo Javelin 1 Regina Maduka 14.91
Girls Turbo Javelin 2 Rebecca Lynch 14.49
Girls Turbo Javelin 3 Caitlin Cummins 9.77
Boys Turbo Javelin 1 Oisin Keane 25.78
Boys Turbo Javelin 2 Liam McDonagh 24.49
Boys Turbo Javelin 3 Robert Urquhart 22.37

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Girls 60m 3 Katie Scully/Erin Kelly 20.05
Boys 60m 3 Fiachra Bond/Cian Lavan 19.59
Girls 600m 2 Jade Moorhead/Aoibhe Carr 4:22.71
Boys 600m 2 Evan Hallinan/Cian Lavan 4:02.74
Boys 600m 3 Daniel Galvin/Aaron Doyle 4:09.88
Girls 4x100m 1 Craughwell (Aoibhe Carr, Erin Kelly, Katie Scully, Siobhan Carr, Aoibhe Fahy) 1.06.31
Girls 4x100m 3 Craughwell (Amy Corcoran, Jade Moorhead, Hannah Jennings, Jade Whelton) 1.08.20
Boys 4x100m 2 Craughwell (Mark Walsh, Evan Hallinan, Luke Flynn, Cian Lavan) 1.03.57
Boys 4x100m 3 Craughwell (Ryan McDonnell, Daniel Galvin, Fiachra Bond, Ryan O’Donnell) 1.03.73
Girls Long Jump 1 Katie Scully/Jade Moorhead 6.28
Girls Long Jump 3 Aoibhe Carr/Jade Whelton 5.95
Boys Long Jump 1 Evan Hallinan/Luke Flynn 7.12
Boys Long Jump 3 Shane Concannon/Rory Burke 6.60
Girls Turbo Javelin 1 Millie Geraghty/Sadhbh Irwin 24.29
Girls Turbo Javelin 2 Rosemary Maduka/ Megan Gilligan 19.48
Boys Turbo Javelin 1 Fionn O’Glaisne/Michael Woods 28.34
Boys Turbo Javelin 3 Colm O’Brien/Eimhin Carroll 26.23

IMG-20150425-WA0001   lphoto 2

Girls 60m 2 Aoibhe Donnellan/Grace Lynch 20.37
Boys 60m 2 Eddie Silke/Conor Gilligan 19.89
Girls 500m 3 Chloe Hallinan/Ashling Whyte 3:56.80
Boys 500m 1 Evan Moran/Eddie Silke 3:16.49
Girls 4x100m 1 Craughwell (Aoibhe Donnellan, Siobhan Carr, Grace Lynch, Chloe Hallinan, sub Yvanna Duffy) 1.08.24
Boys 4x100m 1 Craughwell (Eddie Silke, Cillian Horan, Cormac McFadden, Evan Moran, sub Conor Gilligan) 1.04.89
Boys 4x100m 3 Craughwell (Adam Jordan, Liam O’Connell, Conor Gilligan, Jamie Collins, sub Lucas Keane) 1.08.43
Girls Long Jump 1 Grace lynch/Isabella Boland 6.33
Girls Long Jump 2 Chloe Hallinan/Siobhan Carr 5.96
Girls Long Jump 3 Kiera Gilligan/Alison Greaney 5.75
Boys Long Jump 1 Evan Moran/Conor Gilligan 7.02
Boys Long Jump 2 Cormac Regan/Cillian Horan 6.29
Boys Long Jump 3 Cormac McFadden/Tieran McLoughlin 6.20
Girls Turbo Javelin 1 Jenny Cloonan/Grace Cunningham 19.13
Girls Turbo Javelin 2 Eabha Neary/Holly O’Boyle 15.21
Girls Turbo Javelin 3 Laoise Nic Andreasa/Yvanna Duffy 12.32
Boys Turbo Javelin 1 Callum Brady/Adam Jordan 20.03
Boys Turbo Javelin 3 Lucas Keane/Cillian Horan 16.03



Girls 4x100m 2 Craughwell (Ella Farrelly, Molly Gilligan, Sophie McIllrath, Tara Keane) 1.13.63
Boys 4x100m 1 Craughwell (Rian Comer, Sean Lavan, Darragh Kelly, Steven Jennings) 1.08.71
Boys 4x100m 3 Craughwell (Fionn Higgins, Simon Regeic, Lee Whelton, Ewan Walsh) 1.16.03
Girls 60m 3 Ella Farrelly/Isobel Schukat 22.17
Boys 60m 2 Steven Jennings/Ewan Walsh 20.77
Girls 300m 2 Sophie McIllrath/Gillian Crowe 2.10.40
Boys 300m 1 Rian Comer/Sean Lavan 2.00.70
Girls Long Jump 1 Tara Keane/Shannon Quinn 5.68
Girls Long Jump 2 Ella Farrelly/Sarah Concannon 5.50
Girls Long Jump 3 Molly Gilligan/Clara Rooney 5.10
Boys Long Jump 1 Darragh Kelly/Steven Jennings 6.22
Boys Long Jump 2 Rian Comer/Anthony Slevin 5.57
Girls Turbo Javelin 1 Tara Keane/Jessica Shannon 20.51
Girls Turbo Javelin 2 Vivienne Greaney/Katie Slevin 13.85
Girls Turbo Javelin 3 Aoife O’Meara/Sophie McIllrath 13.43
Boys Turbo Javelin 1 Anthony Slevin/Eoghan Woods 14.81

Complete results are here:- GalwayU9-12OutdoorResults2015.pdf


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