And then there was none

And then there was none

  All over for another year but certain to be back better and stronger next year.

We will all miss the Tuesday evening buss around Galway’s’ roads lanes and hills.


On behalf of Craughwell A.C. I would like to thank all the organisers for their not so small part in making this a fantastic series and such pleasure to be a part of it.


A special mention to our own Tony O Callaghan who is one of only three runners to have completed every race in the series since it began, 15 runs in three seasons to date, well done and keep up the good work Tony, that record is yours for the making.

We also want to highlight a few dedicated efforts from this years series namely Barry Phelan, Caroline Niland, Gabriel Gardiner, Gerry Joyce, James Cannon, Johnny Lane, Justin Niland, Kathleen Waters & Marie Kelly who all have the title of running all six races this time out, you have all shown massive commitment and well done guys! Not forgetting two of our Fit4life regulars who only missed out on this accolade due to injury- Karen Guest & Peggy Lynch -I know you would have been on that list if you could have .we wish you both well and a speedy recovery.

There are many more names I could pick out for individual praise but there isn’t enough space on the internet for them allJ but I hope you are all proud of yourselves.


Final Results Below:

NameNum RacesAthenryTuamCwellCgalwayLreaDgan
Barry Phelan619:3719:3419:1519:0219:2619:43
Caroline Niland631:0330:5730:0727:5329:1929:54
Gabriel Gardiner623:0822:5022:2021:5522:2322:31
Gerry Joyce634:3927:5926:2825:4724:5424:57
James Cannon623:0022:2322:2421:5121:2122:24
Johnny Lane617:2917:2317:1117:1417:2117:15
Justin Niland618:4018:3918:2017:5517:5518:15
Kathleen Waters624:0724:3724:0324:2024:3424:29
Marie Kelly628:2229:0228:4429:5328:4029:34
Nuala Fitzpatrick638:1740:3734:??35:1639:51>30
Oliver Niland622:1422:3022:2521:2422:1123:16
Pat Kelly628:3328:5927:2326:1726:1226:52
Peggy Lynch629:2829:0829:1128:4728:1929:29
Rena Deely626:2826:5026:3025:5125:3027:21
Ruth Lynch631:1830:47>31:0028:3030:0631:57
Siobhan McMahon628:3629:1227:5327:1127:3727:23
Tony O'Callaghan626:0626:0725:2324:5625:1625:20
Anthony Fitzpatrick524:0940:38 35:1539:5222:59
David Tierney523:5423:5623:51 23:5124:19
Diarmuid Quill525:1924:58 24:2423:5325:41
Johnny Nevin523:0723:5823:32 23:4023:31
Julie Gallagher528:4529:3228:1727:4327:59 
Keith Devane528:0528:2728:1328:4328:27 
Maria Lane526:4726:2525:02 25:1125:24
Mark Davis516:3916:54 16:2316:2716:54
Muiriosa Holohan526:35 26:2125:4125:3125:48
Niamh Cahalan528:3130:3330:0528:3624:12 
Orla Davis525:0226:0125:0724:49 25:27
Pat Reidy525:0324:3723:52 23:3923:20
Sharon Allen528:0428:4128:0728:0027:58 
Tony Nevin517:5718:22 18:0218:2129:52
Brenda Gaughan428:3929:3228:0627:18  
Cepta Daley428:54 28:5328:3333:52 
Charlotte O'Regan425:22 26:56 25:1025:52
Dymph Scanlon428:0427:50 26:4827:07 
Marie Doyle429:19 28:0531:1626:56 
Sheila Cannon427:4427:2626:4827:41  
Suzanne Joyce430:3231:55>31:0030:25  
Maurice Headd3  22:3721:4421:47 
Emma Hawkins225:23 24:53   
Jane Reevs2  25:3124:23  
Karen Guest225:5026:55    
Lillian Redington228:48    29:53
Margaret Foy229:3030:00    
Maura Egan222:50 23:02   
Tom Hawkins2  22:1522:33  
Beth Noonan1  27:28   
Cathriona Cosgrove1  >31:00   
Lorna Nevin1  >31:00   
Lorraine Creavan1  27:05   
Martin Corcoran1  16:38   
Michael Carr1  27:50   
Noel Gormon1  25:31   
Patrick Cosgrove1  27:44   
Patrick Holohan118:00     
Rhoda Browne1  >31:00   
Sharron Gilligan1  27:18   
Una Carelton1  26:43   
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