Athletics ready to resume!

Athletics ready to resume!

It’s just a few weeks now until the club will be back into full training for all age groups. The time-table for training sessions is provided below. It’s important that all parents adhere to the arrival and collection times listed below in order to minimise traffic in the car-park and make it a safer place for you and your children.

We’d like to welcome our new first class/U8 age group who will be under the guiding hand of Tracy Moran and we’d doubly like to welcome back all our other athletes for the forthcoming year. It’s an exciting time for the club with the steady development of our new facilities and the continued growth in our membership. The club is the largest juvenile club in the country with one of the key reasons for this being our focus on participation and opening the sport up for everyone irrespective of ability.

In an age where obesity is a growing problem amongst the wider population, participation in sport is more important than ever and it’s critical that our children stay involved in as much sport as possible as they move through their primary school and secondary school years to give them some chance of having a regular sport as a young adult. A research study a few years ago advocated that children should have 3 or more regular sports while in primary school, reduce to 2 or 3 during the first few years of secondary school and only in mid to late teens reduce it to one if you want to give it all your time. This was found to give a person the best chance of continuing to participate in sport as an adult.

So parents, encourage your child to keep up their sport for as long as possible and if under a time squeeze, maybe they can give up some Play-station or Facebook time instead! Luckily in our club, we have bucked the trend of leaving the sport early and our teenage age groups are in fact our largest growth age groups, with over 150 teenagers currently in the club.

Just a quick word also on our facilities progress. As many of you will know we will have a major fundraiser at the end of September when we hold a 12-hour relay world record challenge. We will be ramping up the preparation work on this in the next few weeks and are looking for huge support from all our parents. As well raising much needed funds, we are making that day into a health-themed information awareness day for the physical and mental health of children, teenagers and adults. We are inviting professional services and advice centers to setup information stalls at the event along with nutritional and physical therapies ….and a lot more. We are trying to spread the message among our youth that it’s Okay not to be Okay! Help is at hand, etc. As a club we want to highlight mental and physical health and that physical activity helps mental wellbeing. We will have more information on this in the next 2 weeks and if you know of services who would like to get involved in the above, please have them contact Tracy at 087 8810737.


Training GroupYOBCoordinatorContact #RestartsTime
U8s2008Tracy Moran087 8810737 Tues 8th Sept5.30pm
U9s2007Sylvia Walsh087 8940395Thurs 10th Sept5.30pm
U10s2006 Tracy Moran 087 8810737 Tues 8th Sept6.15pm
U11s2005Michael Tobin087 6591879Thurs 3rd Sept6.15pm
U12s2004Seamus Lynch 087 2117697 Thurs 10th Sept7.00pm
U13s2003Tracy Moran087 8810737 Tues 8th Sept7.00pm
U14s2002Siobhan McFadden087 2733327Tues 8th Sept8.15pm
U15s2001Marion McEvilly087 9390366Tues 1st Sept8.15pm
U16s2000Michael Tobin087 6591879Hasn’t stopped 
Older/Jumps/Distance Michael Tobin087 6591879Hasn’t stopped 
Older/Sprints Patricia Cosgrove 087 6671534Tues 15th Sept 8.15pm
Fit4youth Brendan Treacy087 2487720  
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