Athletics track construction about to start

Athletics track construction about to start


A quick update on facility progress for our members and a huge appeal to you to get behind our fundraising. You will have seen plenty of construction activity on the field in the last 8 weeks. This is just the start of some major development work to be completed during June and July. We are about to go ahead with the following:-

  • Completion of basic roadway and carpark on the new grounds
  • Installation of 8 additional floodlights
  • Construction of an 8-lane IAAF-certified tartan sprint runway 140m long, bordered at one end by a large long jump pit.
  • Surfacing of our new high jump area with the same tartan surface bringing it also to an IAAF-certified standard.

All of which is targeted to be complete by mid-August this year.

But we are short funds to get everything done – €45,000 to be precise and we really need parents to get behind our fund-raising efforts in this regard. Please don’t leave it to someone else, please don’t set this note to one side and say I must do that sometime. The time to help is now – we really need these funds. If we can get them, we can deliver all of the above and as well as providing better facilities for your children to use immediately, you eliminate a lot of travel time required when we have to go to Dangan or Athlone to get the benefit of proper track surfaces.

The benefit to your children is huge. Our membership fees and fund-raising are relatively small and the cost to you for the facilities we are and will be providing is relatively small. An example of costs elsewhere is a new track currently being developed for Kilkenny County Council by the same company that will be installing ours. If you google for “Kilkenny watershed track”, you will see that they charge almost €3 per child each time they use the facility. Our facility is free of charge to members. We just need your support with the fundraising. And as your children get older, they train more often and will get an even bigger benefit.

A major part of our fund-raising campaign is our newly launched club lotto which we have just commenced in conjunction with Croí, the highly regarding cardiac health and stroke prevention charity. Our target is to get 900 people to sign up for a year. This will raise what we need. Please help and please encourage friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to also signup.

You can sign-up online by clicking on the picture across or at (make sure you select Craughwell AC as the joint beneficiary!) or contact the undersigned if you have difficulty in doing that and we will assist.


Your €2 will be spent each week as follows:

  •           €1 to the Croí Lotto which covers all costs and prizes of the Lotto and raises funds for their charitable work.
  •           €1 to Craughwell AC which will be spent in 2016 as follows:-
    •      10 cents towards construction of roadway and carpark
    •      17 cents towards installation of 8 additional floodlights
    •      17 cents towards construction of high jump and long jump areas      
    •      56 cents towards the construction of the sprint lanes


As an added incentive, if you sign up for the year, we will give you free membership of the facility for the year which gives you the right to use the perimeter route at any time of day to jog/walk or the other routes when juvenile training not in progress.

Please support and please push with friends and relatives as best you can – we are building facilities for you and your families and your descendants! Each year we will be making improvements. A little goes a long way, and a lot of ‘littles’ goes an awful long way!

Thank you

Michael Tobin, Facility Development Officer, 087 6591879
Tracy Moran, Fundraising Coordinator, 087 8810737

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