Athletics Training Times – Get Fit, Be Active!

Athletics Training Times – Get Fit, Be Active!

Athletics training will be resuming shortly for all age groups. Please see below for the different times.

Parents and teenagers and young adults please read on!

For anyone new or considering the sport, we accept new members at any time of the year. You can try it out for 3 training sessions and then would need to register with the club in order to continue.

You are never too old to start a new activity.

Athletics is a super activity from both a health and fitness and a competitive perspective. Many of our members do it for just for health/fitness/social reasons. Many more do it for both that and for competitive reasons with 100s of our members winning county and regional medals and many going on to win National medals and in several instances represent Ireland internationally.

Media outlets regularly flag the oncoming health crisis which is looming in Ireland. The World Health Organisation have predicted that Ireland will be the most obese country in Europe by 2030. The Irish Independent reported today that a large % of teenagers lack the basic fundamental movement skills of running, jumping, throwing and catching.

The onus is on parents to ensure our kids exercise and the easiest way to do this is to have a regular sport. Most of us would likely happily spend our time on the Internet all evening reading the online news, watching sport or music, keeping up with other people’s holiday snaps on Facebook, etc. But we know we need to exercise also and many of us do. But many of our kids don’t. So they need to understand that like food and drink and sleep, their bodies need exercise and the best way of achieving this is to be involved in a regular sport several days a week.

And please, it’s even more important to continue your sport when changing from primary school to secondary school, when in Junior Cert or Leaving Cert or starting college. Those 4 milestones are the main times when children and teenagers fall away from sport and many never return as it’s hard to reform habits.

Your health is your wealth as we all know as we get older. No point in being a genius with a large salary if you are sick much of the time – so let’s remember this when setting our priorities in school and try to have a balance between study and exercise.

It’s never too late to start athletics. Athletics encourages a healthy habit of regular exercise in either a non-competitive or competitive manner depending on what suits the individual.

We take members of all ages from senior infants upwards. If you are already fit and want to test yourself out at a new sport, then go for it. If you are unfit and want to try it out, then likewise go for it. We can focus on getting you fit first and then months later if you wish, on competition events.

See our training times below and list of contacts for the different training groups.Click the picture for larger view.

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