Big Performances in Connacht Indoors!

Big Performances in Connacht Indoors!


A large contingent of athletes from the club descended on the international arena in Athlone IT at the weekend for the Connacht Indoor Track & Field Championships. With over 100 athletes in action, Craughwell AC had the largest representation at these championships which told in the podium finishes with 29 Connacht titles coming our way, 13 silver and 11 bronze podium finishes.

There were many highlights across the 2 days in particular an impressive 1.58.08 from Damien O’Boyle in the U19 800m, significantly helped by Peadar Harvey who paced the first 400m of the race. It was a generous act from Peadar who holds the club record of 1.57.xx and unselfishly paced Damien to an attempt to break that. As it was Damien came very close to that record and even closer to Paul Joyce’s junior club record of 1.58.05. Cathriona Farrell gave an exhibition of jumping in the senior high jump, attempting 1.80m and soaring 10cm above it but clipping it with her heels. Sinead Treacy came home with triple gold I the 60m, 200m and long jump – another fantastic performance from a great athlete. In the U16s, despite a bad enough injury picked up on Thursday night when practicing for hurdles, Lorraine Delaney had an impressive series of jumps to nail a new high jump PB of 1.50m having improved from 1.40m to 1.45m only a few weeks earlier at the Scottish Championships. Laura Cunningham had to settle for 2nd place but more than made up for this with her first Connacht long jump title in a few years.


Craughwell U16 4x200m Relay Teams at the Connacht Indoors
Luke Finn, Oisin Lyons, Jerry Keary, Cian Waters, Daniel Callanan-Forde
Shauna Tobin, Anna Farrelly, Laura Cunningham, Caoilin Milton, Lorraine Delaney

The U16 boys dominated their proceedings picking up the relay title, 800m title (Oisin Lyons), high jump title (Jerry Keary), long jump title (Daniel Callanan-Forde), shot putt title (Cian Waters) as well as several other medals. In the U15 grade, Siona Lawless and Ultan Sheerin excelled when taking the long jump title as did Oisin Shannon when taking the sprint title.

In the U14s, a massive performance from Kyle Moorhead in the 800m saw him take 2nd place ahead of some elite opposition. Also in the U14s, Sean Connaughton was in super form when taking 3 silvers as was Leanagh Gilligan with high jump gold and long jump silver and Eva Kelly with shot putt and high jump bronze.

The stars of the show in the U13s were Ava Finn with a big PB to take the high jump title and Jack Farrell when winning the hurdles title while in the U12 grade, there were huge jumps from Sean Fox to win the long jump and from Lukas Schukat in the high jump, both threatening the club records in this age group, as well as a fantastic 58.10 time from the U12 boys relay when placing second behind National champions Ballinasloe with a time that is possibly a club record for this age group.


The Victorious Craughwell U15 Relay Teams
Mia Waters, Siona Lawless, Rachael Hughes, Anna Farrelly
Conor Hughes, Ryan Gallagher, Ultan Sheerin, Oisin Shannon, Sean Connaughton

Full details of the podium finishes from the large Craughwell contingent are as follows:-

High Jump
Sen 1 Cathriona Farrell (1.75)
U17 1 Aisling Keady (1.40)
U16 1 Lorraine Delaney (1.50)
U16 1 Jerry Keary (1.65)
U14 1 Leanagh Gilligan (1.40)
U13 1 Ava Finn (1.34)
U12 1 Lukas Schukat (1.33)
U16 2 Laura Cunningham (1.45)
U14 3 Eva Kelly (1.30)
U14 3 Ryan Gallagher (1.40)
U13 3 Lewis Ryan (1.25)

Long Jump
Sen 1 Cathriona Farrell (5.19)
U19 1 Sinead Treacy (4.86)
U17 1 Aisling Keady (4.46)
U16 1 Daniel Callanan-Forde (5.50)
U16 1 Laura Cunningham (4.65)
U15 1 Siona Lawless (4.73)
U15 1 Ultan Sheerin (4.76)
U12 1 Sean Fox (4.22)
U16 2 Jerry Keary (4.87)
U14 2 Leanagh Gilligan (4.44)
U14 2 Sean Connaughton (4.46)
U17 3 Aoife Greene (3.92)
U12 3 Lukas Schukat (4.16)

Sen 400m 1 Peadar Harvey (54.35)
U19 60m 1 Sinead Treacy (7.97)
U19 200m 1 Sinead Treacy (25.55)
U15 60m 1 Oisin Shannon (7.91)
U17 60m 2 Cillian Dolan (7.47)
U15 60m 2 Siona Lawless (8.38)
U14 60m 3 Sean Connaughton (8.38)

U13 1 Jack Farrell (10.53)
U15 2 Oisin Shannon (10.01)
U13 3 Jack Fitzgerald (10.83)

Sen 800m 1 Peter O’Sullivan (2.02.97)
U19 1500m 1 Ciara Greene (5.33.91)
U19 800m 1 Damian O’Boyle (1.58.08)
U18 800m 1 Oisin Doyle (2.13.12)
U16 800m 1 Oisin Lyons (2.12.51)
U14 800m 2 Kyle Moorhead (2.26.18)
U13 600m 3 Shaun Gilligan (1.51.61)

Shot Putt
U16 1 Cian Waters (9.94)
U16 2 Laura Cunningham (7.92)
U14 2 Sean Connaughton (9.56)
U16 3 Alan Harrington (7.58)
U16 3 Shauna Tobin (6.52)
U14 3 Eva Kelly (8.89)

U16 1 Craughwell 1.44.51 (Daniel Callanan-Forde, Cian Waters, Jerry Keary, Oisin Lyons, sub Luke Finn)
U15 2 Craughwell 1.48.97 (Ryan Gallagher, Ultan Sheerin, Sean Connaughton, Oisin Shannon, sub Conor Hughes)
U14 1 Craughwell 1.52.27 (Ryan Gallagher, Alex Evans, Kyle Moorhead, Sean Connaughton, sub Finbar McFadden)
U15 2 Craughwell 1.59.09 (Mia Waters, Rachael Hughes, Anna Farrelly, Siona Lawless)
U13 2 Craughwell 58.00 (Padraig Martyn, Jack Fitzgerald, Gavin Lee, Shaun Gilligan, sub Sam O’Neill)
U12 2 Craughwell 58.10 (Robert Urquhart, Conor Hoade, Lukas Schukat, Sean Fox, sub Liam Mulveen)

Details of all the Craughwell performances are listed below. Full results can be downloaded from here: ConnachtIndoorResults2015.pdf.

Event 3 60m U12 GirlsPlaceTime
Eve Ayo99.53
Hannah Hynes2510.02
Rebecca Lynch3610.32
Saoirse Moore3910.41
Oliwia Koman4310.51
Event 8 60m U12 BoysPlaceTime
Sean Fox69.02
Conor Hoade129.21
Lukas Schukat199.35
Liam Mulveen239.48
Robert Urquhart279.61
Joshua Ryan3310.1
Jack Kinane4210.33
Noah Keane4410.43
Eoin Connolly4910.97
Event 13 60m U13 GirlsPlaceTime
Ailbhe Doyle319.76
Edel Farrelly329.83
Lauren Mc Nally4210.19
Siofra Boland4410.31
Niamh Mvc Sweeney4610.34
kate Murphy4810.41
Maeve Mc Loughlin5310.75
Sophie Finn5410.78
Heather Hogan5610.96
Event 19 60m U13 BoysPlaceTime
Shaun Gilligan48.76
Jack Fitzgerald109.12
Gavin Lee119.13
Padraig Martyn129.24
Ben lalor159.32
Pascal Wash199.45
Lewis Ryan229.57
Liam Leen259.65
Alex Creavan3210.16
oisin Davis3410.24
Event 35 60m U14 GirlsPlaceTime
Mia Waters68.85
Event 36 60m U14 BoysPlaceTime
Sean Connaughton38.38
Ryan Gallagher88.6
Alex Evans108.91
Ciaran Connaughton139.01
Kyle Moorhead159.09
Garvin Surlis259.67
Event 37 60m U15 GirlsPlaceTime
Siona Lawless28.38
Anna Farrelly99.21
Event 38 60m U15 BoysPlaceTime
Oisin Shannon17.911
Ultan Sheerin128.72
Conor Hughes1610.51
Event 40 60m U16 BoysPlaceTime
Daniel Callanan-Forde  57.88
Event 42 60m U17 BoysPlaceTime
Cillian Dolan27.47
Event 45 60m U19 GirlsPlaceTime
Sinead Treacy17.97


Event 14 60mH U13 GirlsPlaceTime
Emma Jane Moran1212.38
Ciara Huges1312.47
Ailbhe Doyle1412.53
Siofra Boland1512.55
Niamh Mvc Sweeney2013.07
kate Murphy2413.81
Sophie Finn2513.86
Event 20 60mH U13 BoysPlaceTime
Jack Farrell110.53
Jack Fitzgerald310.83
Ben lalor510.9
Shaun Gilligan610.98
Padraig Martyn711.37
Conor Trehy811.65
Lewis Ryan1011.85
Alex Creavan1412.36
Sean Cotter1712.91
Event 81 60mH U14 GirlsPlaceTime
Mia Waters410.54
Event 82 60mH U14 BoysPlaceTime
Ciaran Connaughton1112.85
Event 83 60mH U15 GirlsPlaceTime
Rachel Hughes512
Event 87 60mH U15 BoysPlaceTime
Oisin Shannon210.01
Ultan Sheerin411.67
Event 84 60mH U16 GirlsPlaceTime
Caoilin Milton 410.87


Event 96 200m U16 BoysPlaceTime
Cian Waters 726.54
Louis Molloy  1027.53
Paul Molloy  1531.41
Event 101 200m U19 GirlsPlaceTime
Sinead Treacy125.55
Senior Men 400mPlaceTime
Peadar Harvey 154.35


Event 7 600m U12 GirlsPlaceTime
Saoirse Moore62.04:75
Caoimhe Connolly72.04:93
Emily Miskella112.06:99
Event 12 600m U12 BoysPlaceTime
Joshua Ryan262.10:50
Mark Egan282.11:00
Noah Keane292.11:25
Cian Daly312.12:90
Ben Brady412.26:52
Eoin Connolly422.28:10
Event 18 600m U13 GirlsPlaceTime
Emma Jane Moran222.10:45
Event 24 600m U13 BoysPlaceTime
Shaun Gilligan31.51:61
Gavin Lee71.53:31
Liam Leen81.54:23
Sean Cotter111.57:63
Pascal Wash131.58:99
oisin Davis232.10:69
Event 157 800m U14 GirlsPlaceTime
Ailbhe Miskella52.46:11
Jennifer Hughes92.51:02
Event 158 800m U14 BoysPlaceTime
Kyle Moorhead22.26:18
Finbarr McFadden102.36:30
Girls 15 Girls 800mPlaceTime
Rachel Hughes52.40:08
Event 72 800m U16 BoysPlaceTime
Oisin Lyons  12.12:51
Luke Finn  62.41:93
Paul Molloy  72.55:57
Event 76 800m U18 BoysPlaceTime
Oisin Doyle12.13:12
Sean Garman42.27:83
Jack Miskella 52.27:97
Event 78 800m U19 BoysPlaceTime
Damian O’Boyle 11.58:08
Event 80 800m Senior MenPlaceTime
Peter O’Sullivan 12.02:97


Event 55 1500m U19 GirlsPlaceTime
Ciara Greene15.33:91


Event 5 Long Jump U12 Girls       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Caoimhe Connolly3.493.55X3.55  3.555
Rebecca Lynch3.433.303.463.46  3.466
Alex Slamas3.203.33S3.33  3.3310
Rebekah Flynn3.12SS3.12  3.1215
Eve Ayo3.07XS3.07  3.0716
Emily Miskella2.93SS2.93  2.9317
Hannah Hynes2.62SX2.62  2.6223
Event 10 Long Jump U12 Boys       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Sean Fox3.77 3.784.
Lukas Schukat4.04 4.03XX4.164.163
Conor Hoade 3.70 3.94XX3.944
Liam McDonagh3.66     3.667
Robert Urquhart3.62     3.629
Mathie Kennedy3.37     3.3715
Joshua Ryan2.95     2.9521
Eoin Connolly2.94     2.9422
Jack Kinane2.85     2.8523
Noah Keane2.72     2.7228
Cian Daly2.70     2.7029
Event 16 Long Jump U13 Girls       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Ava Finn3.503.733.30   3.739
Ciara Huges3.323.52X   3.5211
Aoife Kelly3.06X3.45   3.4513
kate MurphyXX3.20   3.2016
Niamh Mvc Sweeney3.00SS   3.0021
Sophie Finn2.86SS   2.8626
Maeve Mc LoughlinXX2.80   2.8028
Edel Farrelly2.68XS   2.6830
Heather Hogan2.59SS   2.5931
Siofra Boland1.67XS   1.6738
Event 22 Long Jump U13 Boys       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Jack Farrell3.753.95    3.957
Conor Trehy 3.943.73   3.948
Jack Fitzgerald3.783.90    3.909
Padraig Martyn3.83     3.8310
Gavin Lee3.72     3.7212
oisin Davis3.31     3.3117
Sean Cahill2.92     2.9220
Liam Leen2.54     2.5423
Event 137 Long Jump U14 Girls       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Leanagh Gilligan4.274.144.44   4.442
Mia Waters4.034.073.93   4.075
Eva Kelly3.933.944.06   4.067
Event 138 Long Jump U14 Boys       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Sean Connaughton4.074.464.20   4.462
Alex Evans4.093.984.01   4.094
Ciaran Connaughton3.833.463.72   3.838
Event 135 Long Jump U15 Girls       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Siona Lawless 4.664.73   4.731
Rachel Hughes3.983.994.02   4.024
Tara Slattery  3.87    3.875
Event 136 Long Jump U15 Boys       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Ultan Sheerin4.524.554.76   4.761
Conor Hughes4.024.103.88   4.106
Event 133 Long Jump U16 Girls       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Laura Cunningham  4.584.65    4.651
Caoilin Milton  4.264.24   4.264
Shauna Tobin 3.803.793.91   3.918
Event 134 Long Jump U16 Boys       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Daniel Callanan-Forde   5.505.495.50  5.501
Jerry Keary  4.87 4.70   4.872
Cian Waters 4.114.56    4.564
Alan Harrington  3.58 3.74   3.747
Event 125 Long Jump U17 Girls       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Aisling Keady4.464.344.30   4.462
Aoife Greene3.92 3.81   3.923
Laura Keane  3.57   3.574
Event 129 Long Jump U19 Girls       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Sinead Treacy 4.864.68   4.861
Event 131 Long Jump Senior Women      
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5Place
Cathriona Farrell5.025.145.19   5.191


Event 4 High Jump U12 Girls          
Rebekah Flynn OOXOXXX     4
Alex Slamas OOXXX      5
Oliwia Koman XXX        6
Eve Ayo XXX        6
Event 9 High Jump U12 Boys          
Lukas Schukat OOOOOXXOXXO  1
Liam McDonagh XOOXOXOOXXX   4
Conor Hoade OOXOXXOXOXXX   5
Mathie Kennedy OOOXXX     7
Oisin Keane OOOXXX     7
Liam Mulveen OXOX      12
Event 15 High Jump U13 Girls          
Lauren Mc Nally OOXOXXX     4
Aoife Kelly OXOXXX      6
Event 21 High Jump U13 Boys          
Lewis Ryan OOXOXXOXXX    3
Conor Trehy OXOXXOXXX     6
Event  High Jump U14 Girls          
Leanagh GilliganOOOOOOO   1
Eva KellyOXOOXOOXXX    3
Event  High Jump U14 Boys          
Ryan Gallagher  OOXXOXXX    3
Garvin SurlisOXOXXX       5
Event  High Jump U15 Girls          
Tara Slattery   OXXX      5
Event  High Jump U16 Girls          
Lorraine Delaney    OOOOXOOXX 1
Laura Cunningham    OOOOXXOXXX  2
Event  High Jump U16 Boys          
Jerry Keary       XOOOXXX 1
Event 117 High Jump U17 Girls          
Aisling Keady O   OXXOXXX  1
Event 123 High Jump Senior Women         
Cathriona Farrell      OOXOXXOXXX


Event 6 Shot Put (2kg) U12 Girls        
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5#6Best
Oliwia Koman4.554.824.45   4.82 7
Emily Miskella4.524.034.16   4.52 9
Hannah Hynesx3.933.95   3.95 10
Regina Maduka4.32x4.34   4.34 11
Alex Slanias3.734.564.13   4.56 12
Event 11 Shot Put (2kg) U12 Boys        
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5#6Best
Liam McDonagh6.356.706.54   6.70 4
Oisin Keane5.956.35X   6.35 5
Mark Egan4.575.434.54   5.43 10
Ben Cunniffe5.155.315.07   5.31 11
Jack Kinane3.37X4.46   4.46 15
Ben BradyX4.164.32   4.32 16
Event 17 Shot Put (2kg) U13 Girls        
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5#6Best
Lauren Mc Nally5.285.115.36   5.36 10
Ailbhe Doylex4.77x   4.77 15
Edel Farrelly4.643.793.85   4.64 17
Emma Jane MoranXX3.66   3.66 19
Event 23 Shot Put (2kg) U13 Boys        
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5#6Best
Sean Cahill6.176.506.23   6.50 9
Event 155 Shot Put (2kg) U14 Girls        
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5#6Best
Eva Kelly8.208.898.11   8.89 3
Event 156 Shot Put (2.72Kg) U14 Boys       
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5#6Best
Sean Connaughton9.568.549.31   9.56 2
Eoin Lyons7.516.938.04   8.04 5
Event 151 Shot Put (3Kg) U16 Girls        
Laura Cunningham  x7.47.92   7.92 2
Shauna Tobin 5.646.525.65   6.52 3
Event 152 Shot Put (4Kg) U16 Boys       
Cian Waters 9.619.949.93   9.94 1
Alan Harrington  7.397.317.58   7.58 3
Event 149 Shot Put (3Kg) U17 Girls        
Name#1#2#3Best of 3Re-order#4#5#6Best
Aoife Greene5.786.156.08   6.15 5


Event 1 4x100m U12 GirlsPlaceTime
Event 2 4x100m U12 BoysPlaceTime
Event 161 4x100m U13 GirlsPlaceTime
Event 162 4x100m U13 BoysPlaceTime
4x200m U14 GirlsPlaceTime
4x200m U14 BoysPlaceTime
4x200m U15 GirlsPlaceTime
4x200m U15 BoysPlaceTime
4x200m U16 GirlsPlaceTime
4x200m U16 BoysPlaceTime
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