Big Turnout at Craughwell Community Games

Big Turnout at Craughwell Community Games

Despite the mixed weather conditions on Sunday, large numbers took part in the Craughwell Community in the main hurling field – with over 140 children and teenagers in action, in particular the U10 boys sprint where 3 heats had to be held. It was also great to see fully contested sprints in the U16 girls and U16 boys 100m, with 5 athletes in action in each race and hopefully with the parish fielding teams in both U16 relay events in the Galway finals for possibly the first time ever.

The Community Games committee would like to thank everyone who helped out on the day, the other local sports clubs for avoiding having juvenile fixtures that day, the local GAA club for the use of the pitch and Eamonn Waters for sponsoring some treats for the younger children.

For those who qualified for the Galway Community Games finals, these take place in Ballinderreen on the Sunday and Monday of the June bank holiday weekend (5/6 June).

Full results of the day are set out below.




Preschool Girls 20mPreschool Boys 20m
1. Ava Hallinanan1. Cormac McFadden
2. Grace Cunningham2. Ethan Waters
3. Niamh O'Connor3. Rian Comer
U6 Girls 40mU6 Boys 40m
1. Sarah Byrne1. Jamie Lyons
2. Chloe Allen2. Kenneth O'Connor
3. Helen Callaghan3. Liam McDaid
U8 Girls 60mU8 Boys 60m
1. Ava Finn1. Padraig Martyn
2. Emma-Jane Moran2. Sean Cahill
3. Emily Miskella3. Kieran O'Connor
U8 Girls 80mU8 Boys 80m
1. Emily Miskella1. Padraig Martyn
2. Emma-Jane Moran2. Sean Cahill
3. Edel Farrelly3. Kieran O'Connor
U10 Girls 100mU10 Boys 100m
1. Mia Waters1. Darren Lyons
2. Jane Trehy2. Finbarr McFadden
3. Caoimhe Allen3. Ryan Gallagher
4. Ailbhe Miskella4. Darragh O'Connor
U12 Girls 100mU12 Boys 100m
1. Laura Cunningham1. Cian Waters
2. Ciara Griffin2. Dylan Finn
3. Aoife Walsh3. Micheal McFadden
4. Ciana Reidy4. Adrian Prendergast
5. Anna Farrelly5. Diarmuid McCartin
6. Shauna Tobin6. Conor Callaghan
7. Grace Whirisky 
U14 Girls 100mU14 Boys 100m
1. Michelle Duggan1. Ian Connolly
2. Aisling Keady-Cummins2. Oisin Woodlock
3. Grainne McDaid3. Jack Craven
4. Leanne Freaney4. Dylan Prendergast
5. Hannah Rabbitte5. William Finnerty
6. Andrea Tobin 
7. Caoimhe Reidy 
U16 Girls 100mU16 Boys 100m
1. Mairead McCan1. Conor Duggan
2. Maria McNamara2. Christopher McDonnell
3. Sinead Gaffney3. Cathal Reidy
4. Ellen Fitzpatrick4. Jamie Spellman
5. Gabrielle Tobin5. Keelan Ryan
U10 Girls HurdlesU10 Boys Hurdles
1. Mia Waters1. Darren Lyons
2. Jane Trehy2. Finbarr McFadden
3. Sarah McCartin3. Ryan Gallagher
U14 Girls HurdlesU14 Boys Hurdles
1. Aisling Keady-Cummins1. Shane Finn
2. Michelle Duggan2. Ian Connolly
3. Hannah Rabbitte3. Jack Craven
4. Leanne Freaney 
U10 Girls 200mU10 Boys 200m
1. Mia Waters1. Darren Lyons
2. Jane Trehy2. Finbarr McFadden
3. Ailbhe Miskella3. Darragh O'Connor
 4. Ryan Gallagher
U12 Girls 600mU12 Boys 600m
1. Sarah Phillips1. Cian Waters
2. Ciana Reidy2. David McDonnell
3. Grace Whirisky3. Adrian Prendergast
U14 Girls 800mU14 Boys 800m
1. Grainne McDaid1. Jack Miskella
2. Leanne Freaney2. Jack Craven
3. Michelle Duggan3. Christopher Phillips
U16 Girls 1500m 
1. Sinead Gaffney 
U12 Girls Ball ThrowU12 Boys Ball Throw
1. Laura Cunningham1. Adrian Prendergast
2. Ciana Reidy2. Conor Callaghan
3. Shauna Tobin3. Cian Waters
4. Sarah Phillips4. Oisin Keating
5. Sarah Callanan5. Diarmuid McCartin
6. Lisa Coleman6. Keelan Woodlock
7.Ciara Griffin 
U14 Girls Long PuckU12 Boys Long Puck
1. Emma Byrne1. Dylan Finn
2. Grainne McDaid2. Keelan Woodlock
3. Hannah Rabbitte3. Liam Gilligan
U14 Girls Long JumpU14 Boys Long Jump
1. Aisling Keady-Cummins1. Dylan Finn
2. Aoife Walsh2. Jack Craven
3. Laura Cunningham3. Cian Waters
4. Michelle Duggan4. Christopher Phillips
5. Ciara Griffen5. Conor Callaghan
U14 Girls Shot PuttU14 Boys Shot Putt
1. Andrea Tobin1. Ian Connolly
2. Michelle Duggan2. Jack Craven
3. Leanne Freaney3. William Finnerty
4. Aisling Keady-Cummins4. Christopher Phillips
5. Hannah Rabbitte5. Cian Waters
6. Grainne McDaid5. Dillon Prendergast
 7. Stephen Daly O'Connor
 7. Adam Lawlor Smalle
U16 Girls JavelinU16 Boys Javelin
1. Maria McNamara1. Cathal Reidy
2. Sinead Gaffney2. Conor Duggan
 3. Patrick Phillips

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