Calling all Vets – who’s interested in the European champs?

Calling all Vets – who’s interested in the European champs?

The European Masters Athletics championships is on in Hungary this year from the 15th-25th of July.  The close of entries is the end of next week (May-31th).  The entry procedure as far as I can tell is as follows:

1. Any athlete that wants to enter needs to join the Irish Masters Association (15 eu)

2. Each athlete needs to send their entry to the Irish Masters association along with 40 eu plus 15 eu for each event they are going to participate in.

Click read more if you are interested in this event (regardless of what club you are in).

The place where it's on is about 3 hours train ride to the east of Budapest so it will be hot hot hot I'd say. 

Thanks to John O'Connor for raising our awareness of the event in a coment below – unfortunately for me the timing is bad but I still am semi-interested a bit in the 5k which is on the 21st. 

I rang around and the following people in the club have some interest:

– Peter O'Sullivan
– Me
– Gerry Ryan

Unfortunately Martin Corcoran is unable to travel as he'd be a strong competitor.  Obviously Gerry would have a great shot at winning in at least one event.  As we are all "on the fence" it would be great to know if anyone else in Galway is interested in travelling.  Martin Mac and TJ have done before – are they on again?  Ian Egan, Gerry Carty?  Anyone in Athenry – Martin or Mick?  Roger Rushe from tuam?  Andy Talbot from CRH?  also the ladies?  It seems to me that at least in Martin Mac and Gerry Ryan we had two genuine world-beaters in Gawlay so it would be great if they could attend.  also.. is Paul Mac an M35 now..?  He'd be pretty competitive if so!

I wouldn't have a hope of medalling as an M35 but wouldn't mind partaking if there was a gang going as we are going on holidays to a nearby country (croatia) and I might be able to figure something out.  It seems a long way to travel on your own!  The timetable is here so you can pick out the dates you might be interested in:

Peter made a good suggestion that perhaps if we have a few interested from Galway we could hold a low-frills race or other similar fundraiser to help with expenses as it's a long way to go for little return.  I'd help with this if there was interest regardless of whether I can make it. 

Please use the add-comment button here to discuss! Or else email me if you're shy at mark.davis2 at  (replace the at with an @ symbol.. tis to stop me getting spam).


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