Circuit Training Resumes on 10th September

Circuit Training Resumes on 10th September

After several months which for many people involved a lot of sitting on the couch watching sport, it's time to shed those summer pounds! 

Craughwell AC Circuit Traniing resumes on Monday next, the 10th September in St. Michael's hall at the usual time of 8:30.

For those who haven't been before, the circuit training is a general core strength/flexibility workout which is a good complement to any running or health program.  All exercises are done at your own pace, and are as strenuous or easy as you want it to be.

Circuits are free to all fully registered members of the club which includes those that are members of fit4Life or who registered for circuits last term.

If you haven't registered for the full year the cost  is 60 euros for the full 12 week term, naturally any income goes to the club's facility fund.

The structure of circuits is 

1. 10 minute Warm-up  + stretching

2. 15 x1-minute circuits of various stations

3. Break for 5 mins

4. 15 x1-minute circuits of various stations

5. 10 minute warm-down and stretching


All are welcome – the more people present the more fun it is.  Due to the capacity of St. Michael's hall, at most 80 people can be catered for.  See you there!!


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