Club Trip to Scottish Indoors 2015

Club Trip to Scottish Indoors 2015

It’s time to dust down the passports again because the club is planning to travel to the Scottish Indoor Championships next February with some of its secondary school athletes. You can read about previous trips on our website. Scottish Athletics confirmed the date of their championships just last Friday as being on the weekend of 14/15 February 2015. This is just before the mid-term break so hopefully it will suit athletes and doesn’t clash with mock exams for those in JC or LC.

Ciara Greene on the podium after winning the Scottish U15 1500m title in 2012


The age groups in the Scottish Championships are U13, U15, U17 and U20. The U13s and 17s compete on the Saturday while the U15s and 20s compete on the Sunday. The cut-off date for Scotland is different to Ireland – they go by the 1st September. So an U16 for Irish athletics is an U15 for Scottish athletics if born on or after 1 September. The age groups are as follows:-

        U13 1/9/02-31/08/04

        U15 1/9/00-31/08/02

        U17 1/09/98-31/08/00

        U20 31/12/95-31/08/98


If people are interested in going, please let me know this coming week so that I can have idea of numbers in order to block book hotel accommodation. Depending on the numbers travelling, we may get a bus from Craughwell to/from the airport. We will take public transport from the airport in Glasgow to our hotel as they have a very good public transport system from both airports. I will check out flights this week to see what options available. Currently thinking Ryanair from Dublin to Glasgow International on Friday evening and coming back Monday – so that we are not under pressure if any athletes competing late on the Sunday. But a 2-day trip is an option also. Hopefully travelling on Friday the 13th won’t bother people! The cost of flights, accomodation and food will be in the region of €200.


Can people email me if they are thinking of travelling. And the athletes could start putting away some pocket money each week to help pay for their weekend! Normally a parent is expected to accompany each athlete but depending on the athlete it may be possible for a coach to take responsibility for a small number on their own. 

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