Connacht Track & Field Finals – U9s, U10s, U11s, U12s

Connacht Track & Field Finals – U9s, U10s, U11s, U12s

The events start at 11am with the relays. Please aim to arrive at Sligo IT Track by 10am. It’s critical to be there 1 hour before the event to give us time to adequately prepare the athletes – allocate their numbers, warm-up etc. 

For those on the bus, the bus will depart from the hall in Craughwell at 7.45am sharp. Let us know immediately if you need a seat on the bus and haven’t said so already.  

Please come prepared for different weather conditions. If it’s like the rest of this week, you’ll need peaked-caps, sun cream and a few bottles of water. But I think weather conditions are predicted to break over the weekend, so rain coats may be necessary also! 

Bring a packed lunch (sandwiches, bananas, biscuits) and plenty of water. Remember to eat a good breakfast but no fries, and get a good night’s sleep Thursday and Friday night. Athletes should snack regularly during the day rather than eating a lot of food all at once. If travelling on the bus, please bring some money for a food stop on the way home. 

A provisional time-table is attached. Note times can change on the day so please don’t rely on the timings for each individual event. Note also even though the provisional time-table shows the last events at 2.45pm, generally these events run over so plan on it not been over until 3.30pm or 4pm. Assuming it’s over by 4pm, the bus will arrive back in Craughwell between 7 and 7.30pm. 

Directions to Sligo IT

As you enter the outskirts of Sligo town, stay on the dual carriageway – this is the northbound road sign-posted Donegal and Letterkenny. It brings you right into the town and onto a modern bridge. Almost immediately after crossing the bridge, there is a turn right sign-posted Enniskillen – take this turn, it brings you right by Sligo IT Track after a few hundred metres. 

National Finals

The National Finals for these age groups (and also U13s) take place in Cork IT on weekend of July 15/16. If you qualify in an individual event or a relay, please let your age group co-ordinator know (in Sligo if possible) whether you are available to go to Cork. Because of the distance involved and early start, it’s unlikely a bus will be organised for Cork and most people will probably make overnight arrangements. 

Thank you,
Michael Tobin,
Craughwell AC
087 6591879

 UNDER 9- 12 Competition on the 10th June 2006 
11Girls U9  4 x 50m Heats2Boys U9   4 x 50m Heats 
 Girls U10 4 x 50m Heats 4Boys U10 4 x 50m Heats 
 Girls U11 4 x 50m Heats 6Boys U11 4 x 50m Heats  
 Girls U12 4 x 100m Heats8Boys U12 4 x 100m Heats 
 RELAY FINALS  Relay finals  
12.0 noon Girls U9 60m Heats12Boys U9 60m Heats 
 Girls U10 60m Heats 14Boys U10 60m Heats 
 Girls U11 60m Heats16Boys U11 60m Heats 
12.3Girls U12 80m Heats18Boys U12 80m Heats 
12.45Girls U11 600m 20Boys U11 600m 
 Girls U12 600m22Boys U12 600m 
2.0 pmGirls U9 60m Final24Boys U9 60m Final 
 Girls U10 60m Final 26Boys U10 60m Final  
 Girls U11 60m Final28Boys U11 60m Final 
 Girls U12 80m Final30Boys U12 80m Final 
2.45 pmGirls U11 600m Final32Boys U11 600m Final 
 Girls U12 600m Final 34Boys U12 600m Final 
 Finals can be run if insufficent numbers report for "heats"
 Times of the field events subject to track events.  
 If an athlete is competing in a field event and called to a track event, the athlete
 is to notify field Official and go to Track event and return immediately after event
12Girls U12    L.J.2Boys U12 L.J. 
 Girls U11    L.J.4Boys U11 L.J. 
 Girls U10    L.J.6Boys U10  L.J. 
 Girls U9  L.J.8Boys U9 L.J. 
11Girls U12 H.J.10Boys U12 H.J. 
12Girls U9 BT 12Boys U9 BT  
 Girls U10  BT14Boys U10  BT 
 Girls  U11 BT16Boys U11 BT 
 Girls  U12 BT18Boys U12 BT 
2.0pmGirls U12 Shot  2K 19Boys U12 Shot  2K 


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