COVID Update

COVID Update

Just a quick update to people in regard to access to the athletics facility. As people may already know, athletics is one of the activities that the Goverment is permitting to start up in a limited fashion with tiny groups this week – older age groups only.

The trustees of the facility are meeting Monday evening to discuss a limited form of reopening of the facility to enable access for use strictly in accordance with the public health guidelines.

Following that, coaches will plan how to gradually recommence activities for the older age groups in the first phase of the roadmap for reopening society. Younger groups will be considered in the following phases in accordance with guidelines. 

The focus will be on doing this in a very gradual and cautious way to comply with the law and with public health guidelines.

I’m sure everyone is anxious for a return to normality – we just need to do it gradually and safely.

I should be able to provide another update on Tuesday after above discussions.

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