Craughwell 10 2010 Irish Runner Article

Craughwell 10 2010 Irish Runner Article

Forget your Runner's world.  The Irish Runner is about the best running magazine you can get. 

Why?  Some of the reasons for me are the insider news on Irish elites, the chance that you can see familiar faces (or even yourself) in the crowd at the start of races or better your name in the results!, the recepies which are always easy to make even for a pleb like me.  The training articles are every bit as good as the international magazines.

We actually never highlighted the great write up that the Craughwell 10 got last year in the Irish Runner.  It really was a great day – I wish I saw more of it cooped up in the Principle's office typing up the results!  Thankfully this year we will be using Chip Timing so I'll have a bit more freedom and might even be able to run it. 🙂  which I would love!   

If you are feeling nostalgic, maybe take a read of the article before you sign up!

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