Craughwell 10 – should we move it?

Craughwell 10 – should we move it?

Hey folks – as you probably know we have finally decided to hold "proper" club race for next year.  The distance will be a 10-miler – just for a change.  The race calendar is pretty packed but we thought we had found a suitable date.  We had been planning on 21st of March  – i.e. the Sunday after Paddy's day. 

However.. there's a slight problem – Ballycotton 10 which is one of the best races in the country has just now rescheduled it's race from early March to the 21st to avoid a clash with the national XC.   So it leaves us with a bit of a conundrum – do we try to find another slot..?  Do we go ahead because, hey Cork is a long way away and relatively few Galway runners go there (but those that do, including myself, love it).  Also BallyC sells out in like minutes so we wouldn't be taking away any of their numbers.

Can you log a vote int he poll on the left – one vote only please, or just log a comment at the end of this article to let us know your opinions. 

 The fixtures we know about are below – if you think we should move it could you indicate when might be a good date. 

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