Craughwell AC: Important information for parents

Craughwell AC: Important information for parents

To parents….


Sorry about the title, it was just to attract your attention. The athletic club is going from strength to strength every year with more and more children and teenagers joining and sticking at the sport. The most important ingredient in keeping this going is you (the parents) getting involved in helping at coaching sessions.


Another 30 or 40 children will join the club in first class this year. Maybe 20 more will join in older ages. We always struggle to manage numbers. We add extra sessions, we divide ourselves differently, we still struggle because the club is a victim of its own success – the numbers keep going up and we don’t want to close the doors to new members.
We are urgently in need of volunteers to get involved for the new group of first class children and also in other age groups (particularly U9s and 10s).
There are many benefits going with the job:-

–          not a spare minute during the week
–          overwhelming tiredness by 10pm on a Tuesday or Thursday night
–          loads of text messages and email from me and other coaches
–          loads of text messages from you
–          occasional drenching because we forgot to roof the all-weather pitch
–          day trips to Tullamore, Templemore, Everyothermore at your own expense
–          the joy of helping the youth to have fun and achieve their potential

I hope I’m not making it sound too glamorous. The last one above is the most important one!

So if your children are already training with the club (or want to join) and you can spare one hour per week while they train, perhaps you’d consider offering to help out.  Let me know if you can spare the time. All you need to do is to fill out a form to register with the club and then hang around at the training session in which your children are involved. 

No prior knowledge of athletics is required. The rest of us started with zero knowledge (no smart comments please!). All you need is just some enthusiasm and the ability to smile! The club will provide training in the athletics disciplines over time.

Please let me know by email or phone if you might be interested, or contact me if you need more information before deciding. Please don't leave it to someone else … there may not be anyone else! 

087 6591879

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