Craughwell AC On Top at Connachts Day 1

Craughwell AC On Top at Connachts Day 1

U12 Boys Relay Teams at the Connacht Championships in Dangan

The Connacht U9 to U13s Track & Field Championships took place last Saturday in Dangan with yet another fantastic day for the club where it stood out as the top club in Connacht in terms of both participation and success with 31 podium finishes throughout the day ahead of Mayo’s Lake District AC on 20. It capped an impressive performance by Galway clubs in general with Tuam AC and GCH also in the top 5 clubs with 19 and 13 podium finishes respectively.

Ella Farrelly led the way with an incredible triple set of Connacht titles in the U13 Girls long jump, sprint and hurdles. Ella took the victory in the long jump with a fine leap of 4.42m and followed this up with a scintillating 10.33 to take Connacht title in the 60m hurdles and rounded off a fabulous day with an electric 11.35 to storm to victory in the 80m sprint. Darragh Kelly also had a fine day with triple individual medals including an impressive 4.42m to take silver in the U13 Boys long jump before racing to bronze in the 60m hurdles in 10.64 and wrapping up a super day with the Connacht title in the high jump with a leap of 1.50m.



 Triple U13s Individual Medallists – Ella Farrelly and Darragh Kelly


The triple medal winning heroics continued with Keevagh Barry leaping to glory with a huge leap of 4.27m to take the Connacht title in the U12 Girls long jump and added silver on her high jump debut with 1.30m and silver in the 60m sprint in 9.03. Emma O’Donovan took the Connacht title in the same high jump event with an impressive 1.33m and was unlucky not to make the top 4 in the long jump when placing 5th with 3.84m. The 2 girls combined with Lauren Kilduff and Moya Butler to take the Connacht U12 Girls 4x100m title in a very impressive 58.24 seconds. Lauren added further silverware with double silver in the long jump with 4.08m and 60m hurdles in 11.57s and made the final of the 60m sprint along with Moya Butler – impressive sprinting for 3 girls from the club to make the final.

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Conor Penney also did a double with silver in the U12 Boys high jump with 1.33m and bronze in the hurdles in 11.51. There was further success in the U12 grade with Sean Hoade taking the U12 Boys long jump title with 4.02m and Dean McNally in 4th place with 3.68m. Dean added a bronze in the turbo javelin with a throw of 16.63. Chloe Keane took bronze in the U12 high jump with a leap of 1.15m. while Keelan Moorhead was unlucky to finish a fraction of a second outside the medals with 4th place in the U12 Boys 600m in 1:51.23. Meadbh Cowan took 4th place in the U13 Girls high jump with 1.20m while Shannon Quinn did likewise in the shot putt with 6.90m.

In the paired events for the younger ages, the U11s had a fine day with Jack Cahill and Kai Watters taking gold in the 60m sprint with times 9.16 and 9.84, Jack following this up to pair with Stephen Joyce and take gold in the 600m in times of 1:54.26 and 1:58.61 and Kai following up his sprint medal with silver in the long jump when pairing with Sam Casey with Sam leaping 3.65 and Kai 3.66. Lauren Morgan and Rachel Warde paired together for a fantastic bronze in the U11 Girls 60m in times of 9.56 and 9.82 with Lauren and Mia Hollingsworth adding bronze in the long jump with 3.86 and 3.27. Ethan Stace and Tom Malone took bronze in the U11 turbo javelin with throws of 20.66 and 17.07.


In the U10 grade, Calum McMahon and Alan Hallinan partnered to take bronze in the 60m sprint in 9.72 and 9.90 and went 1 better to take silver in the 500m with Alan recording 1:33.11 and Calum 1:45.69. Remy Aylmer and Aisling Lavan added bronze in the U10 Girls 500m with 1:41.36 and 1:48.83 and Oisin O’Donovan and Luke Connaughton took silver in the U10 Boys long jump with 3.18 and 3.45. Darragh O’Donnell and James Niland wrapped up a fine day for the club in the paired events with victory in the U9 Boys 300m in times of 56.85 and 59.54.

The relays also saw some super performances with the aforementioned Connacht title for the U12 girls followed up by gold for the U11 boys in a time of 61.47 (Oran Collins, Eanna Morrissey, Jack Cahill, Stephen Joyce), silver for the U11 girls in a time of 62.91 (Aeveen Kelly, Mia Hollingworth, Rachel Warde, Lauren Morgan) and bronze for the U10 boys in a time of 66.11 (Alan Hallinan, Zach Keane, Calum McMahon, Darragh O’Donnell). The U12 Boys team of Dean McNally, Dara Zimmerer, Declan O’Connell and Conor Penney placde 5th in 61.52 while the second U12 boys team of Stephen Ruane, Conor Hoade, Kai Watters and Cian Brady were unfortunately disqualified for a lane infringement – their heat time would have placed them 3rd overall.



IMG 3292 

There were many more fine performances from the club’s athletes across all of the events which missed out on making the podium on this occasion. But everyone gave of their best and most importantly enjoyed the day. The following is a summary of the remaining performances:- 

  • U9 Girls Turbo Javelin
    • Grace DYSDALE 9th 6.46
    • Leah MAHON 18th
  • U9 Boys Turbo Javelin
    • Danny CAHILL 6th 11.49
    • Ciaran MCNENA 8th 10.26
    • Brian O’GARA 11th 8.52
    • Jack O’DWYER 21st 6.36
  • U9 Boys 60m
    • Darragh O’DONNELL 8th 10.62
    • Ruairi MCNENA 17th 11.09
  • U9 Boys Long Jump
    • Ruairi MCNENA 10th 2.78
    • Brian O’GARA 16th 2.52
    • Jack O’DWYER 18th 2.41
    • Ben CASEY 21st 2.22
  • U9 Boys 4x100m Relay
  • Craughwell AC 5th 71.26 (Ciaran McNena, Darragh O’Donnell, Danny Cahill, Ruairi McNena)
  • U10 Girls 4x100m Relay
    • Craughwell AC 7th 68.28
  • U11 Boys 4x100m Relay
    • Craughwell AC Team 2 6th 63.65
  • U10 Boys 4x100m Relay
    • Craughwell AC Team 2 6th 66.91
  • U10 Boys 500m
    • Oisin O’DONOVAN 8th 1:43.81
    • Joshua WHIRISKEY 9th 1:44.25
  • U11 Girls 600m
    • Claudia COYLE 9th 2:07.84
    • Mia HOLLINGWORTH 16th 2:12.01
  • U11 Girls Long Jump
    • Rachel WARDE 6th 3.31
    • Ava DOYLE 12th 3.08
  • U11 Girls Turbo Javelin
    • Ava DOYLE 7th 13.57
    • Rebecca NOLAN 14th 8.83
  • U11 Boys 60m
    • Eanna MORRISSEY 10th 9.66
    • Oran COLLINS 13th 9.82
  • U11 Boys 600m
    • James MOLLOY 10th 2:04.10
    • Eoin MIDDLETON 21st 2:13.44
  • U11 Boys Long Jump
    • Oran COLLINS 5th 3.54
    • Stephen JOYCE 15th 2.94
  • U13 Boys 80m
    • Matthew COLEMAN 5h 12.01
  • U13 Girls 80m
    • Alysso SALVO 3h 12.71
    • Meadbh COWAN 5h 12.38
    • Beth CROWE 5h 13.00
  • U13 Girls 600m
    • Gillian CROWE 13th 2:01.04
  • U13 Boys 60m Hurdles
    • Sean LAVAN 5h 12.47
  • U13 Girls 60m Hurdles
    • Meadbh COWAN 3h 12.07
  • U13 Boys Long Jump
    • Darragh REIDY 6 3.81
    • Sean LAVAN 9 3.68
  • U13 Girls Long Jump
    • Shannon QUINN 7 3.84
    • Gillian CROWE 9 3.56
    • Isabel SCHUKAT 10 3.55
    • Beth CROWE 20 3.23
  • U13 Boys High Jump
    • Darragh REIDY 5 1.25
    • Sean LAVAN 7 1.15
  • U13 Girls High Jump
    • Isabel SCHUKAT 5 1.15
  • U13 Boys Shot Put (2Kg)
    • Ethan OBRIEN 8 4.13
    • Eric DEVLIN 9 3.92
  • U13 Girls 4x100m Relay
    • Craughwell AC 6 61.36
  • U12 Girls 60mH
    • Katelyn WALSH 3h 12.71
    • Chloe KEANE 5h 13.31
    • Emily KINANE 7h 13.96
  • U12 Boys 60mh
    • Sean HOADE 5th 11.71
  • U12 Girls 60m
    • Lauren KILDUFF 5f 9.35
    • Lauren KILDUFF 1h 9.35
    • Moya BUTLER 2h 9.40
    • Moya BUTLER 8f 9.49
    • Emily KINANE 7h 10.26
    • Katelyn WALSH 6h 10.31
    • Maria GORMAN 7h 12.34
  • U12 Boys 60m
    • Cian BRADY 7f 9.08
    • Cian BRADY 2h 9.10
    • Stephen RUANE 7h 10.04
    • Conor PENNY 2h 9.46
  • U12 Girls 600m
    • Katelyn WALSH 6th 2:01.64
    • Emma ODONOVAN 7th 2:02.05
  • U12 Boys 600m
    • Declan OCONNELL 7th 1:53.31
    • Stephen RUANE 13th 2:00.66
  • U12 Girls Long Jump
    • Moya BUTLER 13th 3.48
    • Emily KINANE 17th 3.33
    • Maria GORMAN 32nd 2.14
  • U12 Girls High Jump
    • Emily KINANE 5th 1.05
  • U12 Boys High Jump
    • Dean MCNALLY 6th 1.15
    • Keelan MOORHEAD 7th 1.10
    • Stephen RUANE 9th 1.05
  • U12 Girls Turbo Javelin
    • Kiera MERNAGH 6th 15.43
    • Katelyn WALSH 13th 11.66
    • Maria GORMAN 15th 9.64
  • U12 Boys Turbo Javelin
    • James MCMAHON 9th 12.81
  • U12 Girls Shot Put (2Kg)
    • Kiera MERNAGH 7th 5.61
  • U12 Boys Shot Put (2Kg)
    • Sean HOADE 6th 5.08
  • U12 Girls 4x100m team 2 – 12th in 65.68
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