Craughwell AC’s Youngest Athletes Shine in Dangan

Craughwell AC’s Youngest Athletes Shine in Dangan

The sun shined on Dangan last Saturday for the Galway U9-11 track and field championships. With all the mixed weather lately, we were lucky to have a fine day, particularly for the young age groups as it can be a very negative experience for them on a wet day.

Craughwell AC’s younger athletes did us proud on the day. We had by far the largest attendance with 70+ participants and had a very successful day with 30 teams qualifying for the Connacht finals in the two-person paired events and 7 relay teams featuring in the medals. 

Whether coming home with a medal or not, everyone of the athletes put in a great effort and hopefully enjoyed the day and will be back for more in future competitions!

Our top performances came in the long jump where the club took the Galway title in five out of the six long jump competitions and took silver medals in two of these six and bronze medal in four of the six.

Full details of our athletes performances are as follows:-

U9 Girls 60m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 1CraughwellClaire Broderick10.9Tara Slattery11.822.7
 3CraughwellAbigail McNally12.0Fiona Ryan12.524.5
 4CraughwellTara Stephens12.5Caoimhe Allen12.725.2
U9 Boys 60m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 4CraughwellMicheal McFadden10.3Dean Moran11.722.0
 6CraughwellAdam Shaughnessy11.9Conor Raftery12.324.2
U10 Girls 60m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 6CraughwellLaura Cunningham9.9Caoimhe O'Donoghue10.320.2
 8CraughwellMolly Lynam10.6Aoife Raftery10.821.4
 11CraughwellCiara Murphy10.8Lauren Gilligan11.522.3
 12CraughwellShauna Tobin11.5Caoimhe Coveney-McKeown11.723.2
 13CraughwellAilbhe Martyn11.9Daire Quill11.923.8
U10 Boys 60m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 2CraughwellDaniel Callanan-Forde9.4Alan Callanan9.919.3
 5CraughwellPeter Martin10.1Cian Waters10.420.5
 7CraughwellDiarmuid McCartin10.4Oisin Keating12.623.0
U11 Girls 60m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 3CraughwellAisling Keady9.9Emma Gaffney9.919.8
 4CraughwellMichelle Duggan10.0Katie Stephens10.120.1
 7CraughwellChristine Kerse10.2Mary Dunphy10.320.5
 9CraughwellCliodhna Guilford10.7Dearbhaile Walshe10.821.5
  CraughwellCiara O'Boyle11.0   
U11 Boys 60m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 3CraughwellDylan Finn9.6Nathan Lynskey9.619.2
 4CraughwellJim Crowley9.8Hugh Lane9.919.7
U9 Girls 300m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 1CraughwellClare Treacy1:15.1Fiona Ryan1:15.82:30.9
 2CraughwellErin Nevin1:16.5Emma Urquhart1:21.72:38.2
U9 Boys 300m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 6CraughwellDavid McDonnell1:00.1Keelan Woodlock1:13.92:14.0
  CraughwellLuke Geraghty1:20.2   
U10 Girls 500m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 2CraughwellCiana Reidy1:56.2Avril Donoghue2:07.84:04.0
  CraughwellSandra Greaney2:11.0   
U10 Boys 500m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 1CraughwellAlan Callanan1:48.8Peter Martin1:49.13:37.9
 3CraughwellConor Callaghan1:56.1Sean Delaney2:02.13:58.2
 5CraughwellBrian Gillen2:04.1Hugh Mulryan2:05.54:09.6
 7CraughwellLuke Evans2:07.1Cillian Doyle2:12.14:19.2
  CraughwellCathal Farrell2:23.3   
U11 Girls 600m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 3CraughwellErin Fitzpatrick2:13.1Dearbhaile Walshe2:30.94:44.0
 7CraughwellCiara O'Boyle2:37.8Mary Dunphy2:39.15:16.9
U11 Boys 600m ClubAthlete 1TimeAthlete 2TimeTotal
 3CraughwellLiam Moran2:04.7Ronan Nevin2:05.54:10.2
 4CraughwellOisín Woodlock2:08.1Adam Lawlor-Smalle2:12.84:20.9
 5CraughwellJim Crowley2:19.9Neil Ralston2:21.24:41.1
 6CraughwellJack Doran2:23.7Oisin O'Brien2:27.34:51.0
U9 Girls Long Jump ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 1CraughwellClaire Broderick2.75Niamh Treacy2.585.33
 3CraughwellErin Nevin2.36Clare Treacy1.764.12
  CraughwellEmma Urquhart1.32   
U9 Boys Long Jump ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 2CraughwellMicheal McFadden2.84Oisin Nevin2.355.19
 3CraughwellLuke Geraghty2.13Adam Cunniffe1.813.94
U10 Girls Long Jump ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 1CraughwellLaura Cunningham3.01Ciara Murphy2.965.97
 4CraughwellCiana Reidy2.86Caoimhe O'Donoghue2.825.68
 5CraughwellMolly Lynam2.64Lauren Gilligan2.635.27
 7CraughwellAoife Raftery2.57Sandra Greaney2.394.96
 8CraughwellShauna Tobin2.32Daire Quill2.244.56
 9CraughwellAilbhe Martyn1.94Avril Donoghue1.673.61
  CraughwellCaoimhe Coveney-McKeown1.67   
U10 Boys Long Jump ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 1CraughwellDaniel Callanan-Forde3.42Conor Callaghan3.256.67
 2CraughwellSean Delaney3.09Cillian Doyle3.076.16
 7CraughwellDiarmuid McCartin2.79Luke Evans2.134.92
U11 Girls Long Jump ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 1CraughwellEmma Gaffney3.30Erin Fitzpatrick3.136.43
 3CraughwellAisling Keady3.01Michelle Duggan2.905.91
 5CraughwellChristine Kerse2.70Emma Waters2.705.40
 6CraughwellKatie Stephens2.64Cliodhna Guilford2.505.14
 7CraughwellKimberely O'Hehir2.38Gemma Haverty2.004.38
U11 Boys Long Jump ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 1CraughwellNathan Lynskey3.56Dylan Finn3.306.86
 3CraughwellHugh Lane3.17Liam Moran3.106.27
 5CraughwellOisín Woodlock3.04Ronan Nevin2.815.85
 7CraughwellMark Cunningham2.71Neil Ralston2.675.38
  CraughwellJack Doran2.46   
U9 Girls Ball Throw ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 1CraughwellAbigail McNally9.63Tara Slattery7.8017.43
 2CraughwellNiamh Treacy7.77Tara Stephens7.7715.54
 3CraughwellSaoirse Farrell7.76Caoimhe Allen7.2815.04
U9 Boys Ball Throw ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 2CraughwellConor Raftery16.31David McDonnell15.9632.27
 3CraughwellDean Moran15.42Keelan Woodlock14.1329.55
 4CraughwellAdam Shaughnessy13.00Oisin Nevin8.7621.76
  CraughwellAdam Cunniffe8.38   
U10 Boys Ball Throw ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 3CraughwellBrian Gillen19.29Hugh Mulryan16.3235.61
 4CraughwellCathal Farrell16.06Oisin Keating16.0032.06
  CraughwellCian Waters14.47   
U11 Girls Ball Throw ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 1CraughwellKimberely O'Hehir16.58Emma Waters13.4330.01
  CraughwellGemma Haverty11.46   
U11 Boys Ball Throw ClubAthlete 1DistAthlete 2DistTotal
 2CraughwellAdam Lawlor-Smalle25.90Oisin O'Brien21.6847.58
  CraughwellMark Cunningham16.33   
4x100m TeamTeam Members   Time
U9 Girls2Craughwell AC Allen, C Broderick, A McNally, E Nevin, E Urquhart1.19.0
 3Craughwell BT Slattery, T Stephens, C Treacy, F Ryan, N Treacy1.27.1
U9 Boys4Craughwell AA Shaughnessy, D McDonnell, M McFadden, K Woodlock1.15.4
 5Craughwell BD Moran, O Nevin, C Raftery, L Geraghty1.25.3
U10 Girls3Craughwell AC Reidy, C Murphy, A Raftery, L Cunningham1.09.8
 5Craughwell B ?C O'Donoghue, A Donoghue, M Lynam, L Gilligan1.13.8
 7Craughwell C ?D Quill, A Martyn, S Greaney, S Tobin1.19.6
U10 Boys2Craughwell BD Mc Cartin, S Delaney, C Doyle, D Callanan Ford1.07.5
 3Craughwell AC Waters, A Callanan, P Martin, C Callaghan1.11.8
U11 Girls2Craughwell AE Gaffney, A Keady Cummins, E Fitzpatrick, M Duggan1.06.0
 4Craughwell BK Stephens, C O'Boyle, K Kerse, M Dunphy1.10.8
 5Craughwell CC Guilford, E Waters, K O'Hehir, D Walshe1.13.4
U11 Boys3Craughwell AJ Crowley, D Finn, H Lane, N Lynskey1.03.3
 5Craughwell BO O'Brien, R Nevin, J Doran, L Moran1.07.9
 7Craughwell CN Ralston, M Cunningham, A Lawlor Smalle, O Woodlock1.09.6

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