Craughwell AC’s Youngest Stars Shine!

Craughwell AC’s Youngest Stars Shine!

Craughwell AC’s younger age groups descended on Athlone IT in their scores for the rescheduled Galway Indoor Championships where were held on Sunday for the U9, U10 and U11 age groups.

Due to the pandemic, it was the first indoors championships for most of these athletes with only a small number of the U11 group having competed here 2 years ago as U9s.

The action kicked off with the U10 relays and the U11 girls at the long jump. We had large contingent of U11 girls in action in the long jump, with the group split between 2 pits. Lola Whitney-Mangan was in fantastic form at pit 1 with amazingly consistent jumps of 3.31, 3.31 and 3.32 metres to take the Galway title – a title Lola had also won as an U9 in 2020. An impressive performance ahead of 37 other competitors.

Also in flying form, Laoise Colleran raced to a fantastic Galway title in the U110 Girls 60m in a time of 9.78. Ruby Maher was very unlucky to finish just outside the medals in the same race in a brilliant time of 10.02 – only 8 hundredths of a second from the medals.

Ruby, Laoise and Lola combined with Reailtin Ward and sub Zara Kearney to take a convincing victory in the U11 Girls 4x200m in a time of 2:16.70 – almost 5 seconds clear of the 2nd place team.

The 2021 National champions Conor Mannion and Jack Hibbitt had brilliant races in the U10 Boys 400m with Conor racing to the Galway title in a time of 1:15.35 and Jack taking the silver medal in 1:16.22. The 2 boys almost made the podium again in the sprint with Jack 4th in 9.78 and Conor 5th in 9.94.

Jack McNena has an impressive performance in the U11 60m sprint, taking the silver in 9.64, just 4 hundredths of a second from taking the gold.

The U9s also had a great showing in their debut on the track with Ava McGlynn taking a brilliant silver medal in the U9 Girls 60m in a time of 11.01 while Cathal Niland repeated that feat with 10.78 to take the silver medal in the U10 Boys 60m and a fine performance from Oran Gillespie to place 5th in 10.89 just 0.04s from the medals. Cathal Niland followed up his sprint performance with bronze in the long jump with a leap of 2.31 while it was unlucky 4th again for Oran Gillespie just 2cm further back with a leap of 2.29m. Rachel Cronin had a fine 5th place finish in the U9 Girls Long Jump with a leap of 2.26m. And in the relays, the U9s put in some super runs with both the boys and girls teams finishing in 5th place in times of 2:48.86 and 2:53.01.

The U10 girls took to the track for the first event of the day where a brilliant performance saw the bronze medals in the 4x200m taken by the team of Emma McGovern, Muireann Kelly, Roise Beattie and Isabel Maher in a time of 2:36.75.

The U11 Boys landed the club’s 3rd relay medal of the day with a super bronze medal with their team of Conor and Nathan Quinn, Conor Mannion, Jack McNena and sub Erik Daniels – making the podium in a time of 2:15.77.

Also in the distance races, Muireann Kelly had a brilliant run to take the bronze medal in the U10 Girls 400m in a time of 1:23.70. Laoise Colleran narrowly missed out on the podium with a 5th place finish in the U11 Girls 600m in a time of 2:16.55, as did Noah Fahy also in 5th in the U9 Boys 200m in a time of 39.49.

There was hard luck also for Roan Healy and Aaron Burke in the U10 Boys Long Jump where they placed 4th and 5th with leaps of 3.13 and 3.12 only fractionally outside the medals. It was a similar experience also for Erik Daniels with a 5th place finish in the U11 Boys Long Jump with an excellent leap of 3.20.

There were many many more fine performances throughout the day, read on for the full details.

U11 Girls 60mTimePlace
Laoise COLLERAN9.781
Ruby MAHER10.024
Reailtin WARD10.177
Cerys JOHNSTON10.2110
Maeve DESBONNET10.2411
Ella WHYTE10.4019
Emilia BIJAK10.4622
Aaliyah WHIRISKEY10.5425
Bethann BEATTIE10.5726
Lena GLENNON11.2240
Sophie MULLANE11.5347
Zara KEARNEY11.7550
U11 Boys 60mTimePlace
Jack MCNENA9.642
Nathan QUINN10.2413
Conor QUINN10.3417
Adam HUGHES10.3918
Halle FEERICK10.6025
O’Dea, Luke10.6127
Eolann CANNON10.6528
Sean CARR12.0055
Liam BURKE12.2056
Rhys HENNESSY12.3457

U10 Girls 60mTimePlace
Abbey MACHAJ10.7710
Amber CAREY10.8511
Emma MCGOVERN10.9013
Isabel MAHER11.0515
Kaci MADDEN11.0616
Roise BEATTIE11.3723
Emily DOLAN11.9436
Naoise QUINN11.9637
Grace GLYNN12.0438
Croia HORAN12.2842
Ada FLYNN12.5243
O’Neill, Amy12.7545

U10 Boys 60mTimePlace
Jack HIBBITT9.784
Conor MANNION9.945
Finn HUGHES10.2515
Matthew DRYSDALE10.4421
Roan HEALY10.6925
Fallon, Odhran11.0738
Jack MELIA11.1140
Darragh TORMEY11.9652
Jamie WHEALAN12.0554
Sean COUGHLAN12.8159

U9 Girls 60mTimePlace
Ava MCGLYNN11.012
Teegan GREALLY11.349
Alison O BRIEN11.4112
Ciara WARD11.5715
Freya WHOLIHAN11.7520
Caoilfhionn SCHLUTZ12.0726
Sarah VAUGHAN12.1227
Heidi SMITH12.4634
Emer QUIGLEY13.1940
Elise LOHAN13.3942
U9 Boys 60mTimePlace
Cathal NILAND10.782
Oran GILLESPIE10.895
Noah FAHY11.118
Madden, Jack12.0023
Eoghan BROWNE12.0124
Ross HOADE12.2926
Harry FORDE12.5030
Sean BURKE12.6531
Harry BYRNE13.0032
Rhylan CANNON13.3235

U11 Girls 600mTimePlace
Laoise COLLERAN2:16.555
Ava BURKE2:26.3214
Aoibhin GARVEY2:27.4516
Amberley FINN2:34.6126
U11 Boys 600mTimePlace
Erik DANIELS2:10.9020
O’Dea, Luke2:12.0824
O’Donnell, Rian2:13.0425
Culann PIGGOTT2:35.9642
Cormac BURKE2:43.4245
U10 Girls 400mTimePlace
Muireann KELLY1:23.703
Emma MCGOVERN1:31.0619
Orna MURRAY1:31.3920
Naoise QUINN1:34.8425
Olivia GORMAN1:37.0529
O’Dea, Sarah1:38.1632
Orla BAYLON1:39.5734
Emma MEEHAN1:52.0737
U10 Boys 400mTimePlace
Conor MANNION1:15.351
Jack HIBBITT1:16.222
Dylan BURKE1:20.128
Aaron BURKE1:21.4311
Aaron CUMMINS1:26.8720
Dylan DOYLE1:41.4833
Sebastian OANCEA1:46.6235

U9 Girls 200mTimePlace
Ciara WARD40.116
Ava MCGLYNN40.237
Emer QUIGLEY47.0411
Teegan GREALLY40.7912
Rachel CRONIN42.7717
Freya WHOLIHAN43.3019
Heidi SMITH46.2332
U9 Boys 200mTimePlace
Noah FAHY39.495
Harry FORDE47.3312
Eoghan BROWNE43.2015
Harry BYRNE46.4323

U11 Girls 4x200mTimePlace
Craughwell AC-U11Girls-Team A2:16.701
Craughwell AC-U11Girls-Team B2:29.396
Craughwell AC-U11Girls-Team C2:33.919
U11 Boys 4x200mTimePlace
Craughwell AC-U11Boys-Team A2:15.773
Craughwell AC-U11Boys-Team B2:27.9510
Craughwell AC-U11Boys-Team C2:40.1016
U9 Boys 4x200mTimePlace
Craughwell AC-U9Boys-Team B2:48.865
U10 Girls 4x200mTimePlace
Craughwell AC-U10Girls-Team C2:36.753
Craughwell AC-U10Girls-Team A2:49.525
Craughwell AC-U10Girls-Team B2:43.168
U10 Boys 4x200mTimePlace
Craughwell AC-U10Boys-Team A2:28.087
Craughwell AC-U10Boys-Team B2:36.969
U9 Girls 4x200mTimePlace
Craughwell AC-U9Girls-Team B2:53.015
Craughwell AC-U9Girls-Team A3:02.989
U9 Boys 4x200mTimePlace
Craughwell AC-U9Boys-Team B2:48.865
U11 Girls Long JumpBestPlaceJump1Jump2Jump3
Lola WHITNEY-MANGAN3.3213.313.313.32
Ruby MAHER2.9672.962.882.77
Ella WHYTE2.8982.892.852.84
Aaliyah WHIRISKEY2.85102.832.852.71
Maeve DESBONNET2.83132.792.712.83
Sophie MULLANE2.7814XX2.78
Ava BURKE2.76152.752.762.52
Emilia BIJAK2.75162.752.342.55
Cerys JOHNSTON2.72172.662.52.72
Aoibhin GARVEY2.6212.62.322.43
Bethann BEATTIE2.5423X2.392.54
Lena GLENNON2.45252.332.252.45
Zara KEARNEY2.0930X2.091.78
Amberley FINN1.9433XX1.94

U11 Boys Long JumpBestPlaceJump1Jump2Jump3
Erik DANIELS3.252.822.933.2
Nathan QUINN3.1973.1433.19
Conor QUINN3.192.822.993.1
Jack MCNENA3.07103.072.982.99
Cormac BURKE2.917X2.9X
Halle FEERICK2.7523X2.75X
O’Donnell, Rian2.68242.622.682.67
Rhys HENNESSY2.14342.072.141.6
Liam BURKE2.1351.661.92.1
Culann PIGGOTT1.92371.92X1.65
Sean CARR1.8738X1.87X

U10 Girls Long JumpBestPlaceJump1Jump2Jump3
Isabel MAHER2.8862.882.662.74
Grace GLYNN2.792.72.72.54
Kaci MADDEN2.7102.572.72.58
Olivia GORMAN2.63122.612.612.63
Muireann KELLY2.59132.292.492.59
Roise BEATTIE2.59142.332.382.59
Abbey MACHAJ2.57152.472.572.56
Orla BAYLON2.47192.472.342.19
Amber CAREY2.32222.262.082.32
Ada FLYNN2.31232.172.172.31
Croia HORAN2.1272.12.031.94
Orna MURRAY2.08281.941.972.08
O’Neill, Amy1.92301.51.561.92
Emily DOLAN1.63331.241.331.63
U10 Boys Long JumpBestPlaceJump1Jump2Jump3
Roan HEALY3.1343.133.042.76
Aaron BURKE3.1252.883.122.79
Matthew DRYSDALE2.9292.922.772.86
Dean FAHY2.91102.872.492.91
Jack MELIA2.83122.692.832.81
Sebastian OANCEA2.42312.322.042.42
Dylan DOYLE2.33322.332.282.32
Darragh TORMEY1.85381.851.821.7
Sean COUGHLAN1.5401.51.451.4

U9 Girls Long JumpBestPlaceJump1Jump2Jump3
Rachel CRONIN2.2652.262.212.11
Alison O BRIEN2.11101.872.072.11
Caoilfhionn SCHLUTZ1.99151.951.971.99
Sarah VAUGHAN1.93191.761.931.77
Elise LOHAN1.88211.861.771.88
Aine DESBONNET1.76231.761.631.72
U9 Boys Long JumpBestPlaceJump1Jump2Jump3
Cathal NILAND2.3132.3121.97
Oran GILLESPIE2.2942.122.122.29
Sean BURKE1.78131.631.781.59
Rhylan CANNON1.76141.581.521.76
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