Craughwell Community Centre (aka St Michael’s Hall)

Craughwell Community Centre (aka St Michael’s Hall)

Just quick update on the community centre as I am not sure if its widely known as to what’s happening next. The following was the previous information circulated amongst the community. 

Notice for an Extraordinary General Meeting
The existing officers of St Michael’s Community Centre have been involved in the development and management of the community centre for the residents of Craughwell and surrounding areas for over 15 years. We are very proud of this fantastic amenity in our village, unfortunately the current committee are now at a stage where they can no longer continue with this undertaking and have resigned with immediate effect.
In light of this, the Trustees are calling an EGM on THURSDAY 23rd July at 9pm in St Michaels Hall. We ask that other members of our community take on the challenge of further improving and maintaining this great facility for current and future generations. If there are not members of the community willing to form a new committee at this meeting, it is with regret that the community hall will close indefinitely.
There are currently 18 clubs using the community centre and we would ask you to contact all your members to attend this EGM in order to ensure that the centre remains open. The Trustees wish to express their sincere appreciation to the outgoing committee for their commitment and dedication over the last 15 years.

The EGM was held and with just 6 of the 18 groups using the hall attending and no volunteers to go on a new committee, the EGM decided that the hall would be closed with effect from 1st September until a new committee volunteers. So that means no venue for

  • high jump (until we get our own shed built on the new field)
  • road races HQ
  • Foroige
  • bingo
  • Active Retirement
  • cubs/beavers
  • Parents & Toddlers
  • Order of Malta
  • dancing classes
  • AA
  • various meetings held by different groups including athletics, soccer, gaa etc.
  • etc

The outgoing committee got together around 15 years ago to redevelop the hall from an unusable state where the rainwater was dripping from the ceiling in many places into the fine facility that it is today. Prior to that multiple committees did the same for several generations. Each time, they did it when their children were young and getting the benefit from the activities organised there. Its up to a new generation of parents now to take up the baton and volunteer to be on a new committee. Your children will be the primary beneficiaries of your endevours.

Please share this amongst your Craughwell contacts to help get people thinking about getting involved. I would imagine that when September comes and the venue is no longer available, it will be sorely missed and that another meeting will be called. People should have a think about getting involved – its in everyone’s interests!

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