Craughwell Community Games 2012

Craughwell Community Games 2012

Gilligan Park is the place to be this Monday May 7th for the Craughwell Community Games sports day. The action will start in the main hurling pitch at 3pm with the toddlers races and continue with U6s U8s etc up to U16s. It is hoped to have most of the events run off within an hour, with events for some age groups on early to avoid a clash with matches later in the day.

So come along and try out the events in your age group. You don't have to be a member of the athletic club to take part. The top 3 in each event will go on to represent the parish in the Galway finals.

Please note the events available in each age group below as often times people miss events thinking that their age group are finished:

Preschool: 20m
U6s: 40m
U8s: 60m & 80m
U10s: 100m, 200m & hurdles
U12s: 100m, 600m, ball throw & long puck (boys)
U14s: 100m, 800m, hurdles, long jump, shot putt & long puck (girls)
U16s: 100m, 1500m, javelin, discus & high jump

The provisional order of events is as follows:
(note it is hoped to run off the long puck for U14 girls and U12 boys at camogie and hurling midweek)

TimeTrack 1Track 2TimeField Events
3:00pm Preschool Girls 20mU14 Girls 80m hurdles3:00pmU12 Girls Ball Throw
 Preschool Boys 20mU14 Boys 80m hurdles U12 Boys Ball Throw
 U6 Girls 40mU10 Girls 60m hurdles  
 U6 Boys 40mU10 Boys 60m hurdles3:30pmU14 Girls Shot Putt
 U8 Girls 60mU14 Girls 100m U14 Boys Shot Putt
 U8 Boys 60mU14 Boys 100m  
 U8 Girls 80mU12 Girls 100m4:00pmU16 Girls Javelin
 U8 Boys 80mU12 Boys 100m U16 Boys Javelin
 U10 Girls 100mU16 Girls 100m U16 Girls Discus
 U10 Boys 100mU16 Boys 100m U16 Boys Discus
 U14 Girls 800m   
 U14 Boys 800m 5:00pmLong Jump
 U12 Girls 600m (Astroturf)U14 Girls
 U12 Boys 600m  U14 Boys
 U10 Girls 200m   
 U10 Boys 200m TBDHigh Jump
 U16 Girls 1500m  U16 Girls
 U16 Boys 1500m  U16 Boys

Relay teams for the Galway finals will be finalised afterwards based on a number of things including:-

– the sprint results in the Craughwell Community Games
– a possible further run-off midweek in some age groups if not all athletes available on Monday
– ability to pass the relay baton

There will be relay teams in the following age groups:-

– U10 mixed (3 boys and 3 girls)
– U12 girls (6 girls)
– U12 boys (6 boys)
– U13 mixed (3 boys and 3 girls)
– U14 girls (6 girls)
– U14 boys (6 boys)
– U15 mixed (3 boys and 3 girls)
– U16 girls (6 girls)
– U16 boys (6 boys)

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