Craughwell Community Sports Group Facilities

Craughwell Community Sports Group Facilities

With juvenile and senior athletes getting back into full swing this week and next week, it is imperative that everyone observes the training times for their groups in relation to the use of the school grounds which are for use for car-parking only by users of the school and users of the CCSG facilities.

Otherwise an accident will occur in the car-park or on the track. Any users of the playground should use the seperate entrance and carpark.

The following are the times at which the juvenile and senior sections of the club have the facilities booked.

The car-park and track should be used only by members of each group at the time their group has it booked – otherwise it will be mayhem. There are plenty of other times during the week when small groups can meet up and use the carpark when its not busy. If that is not an option, the carpark at the Community Centre in Craughwell is a public carpark.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Mon8pm to 9.30pm Juvenile athletics
Tues6pm to 9pm6pm to 9.30pmJuvenile athletics
 9pm to 10pm fit4life (but can arrive at 8.45pm)
Wed7.30pm to 8.30pm fit4life
Thur6pm to 9.30pm6pm to 9.30pmJuvenile athletics
 9.30pm to 10.30pm9.30pm to 10.30pmfit4life
Fri7.30pm to 8.30pm7.30pm to 8pmfit4life
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