Craughwell Community Sports Group – Night Out!!

Craughwell Community Sports Group – Night Out!!

The athletic club, soccer club and the national school together form what is known as Craughwell Community Sports Group which built and manages the operation of the astroturf and track at Craughwell NS.

The astroturf and track has become a huge resource for the community since its opening in May 2007 – its a fantastic facility and is there because everyone in both clubs and the school pulled together to provide it.

Last year, the group organised a very successful community Night at the Dogs. In these recessionary times, we are not doing a fund-raiser this year but instead having a night out in Craughwell on Friday 4th December which is free admission (there may be a raffle on the night to raise funds for the new playground in Craughwell).

You just show up and unwind with your running pals, or with your coaching pals, or with other parents, or bring your own pals if you don't like any of the others!

So Friday night 4th December in Cheevers Lounge in Craughwell to celebrate another successful year of community sport.

See you there!

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