Craughwell Handicap Chase – Race 1 Handicaps

Craughwell Handicap Chase – Race 1 Handicaps

Well the entries are almost all in, and the handicaps are below.  I’ve been pretty busy of late, so please let me know if I’ve missed your name or if your handicap is wildly off.  I’ll be adjusting all the handicaps after the first run anyhow.

This series is an opportunity to train on a reasonably accurately measured course, which will be marked out for the morning.  You can run the distance as you like – walking every few miles, as speedwork, a tempo-run, a full-on race – it’s up to you!  As with all races, the goal is to get from the start to the finish-line as quickly as you can.

For the first run, our friends and neighbors in Athenry AC will be switching their regular Saturday morning run to Craughwell so we will have a few "Guest" entries. 

There is no charge for members and coaches of Craughwell AC, and a 10 euro charge for members of other AAI registered clubs.  This charge is to cover the (small) prizes, so it is only necessary if you are running the entire series.  It is 15 euro to join Craughwell AC for the year and I will have membership forms on the day, if your membership needs renewing. 




Entry #Name CategoryClubHandicap noteEstimated TimeStart Time
20Diane DundonFCraughwellWalker estimate01:30:0008:30:00
21Marie CallananFCraughwellWalker estimate01:30:0008:30:00
19Maria GaffneyFCraughwellJog/Walker estimate01:25:0008:35:00
29Nuala KeadyFCraughwellEstimate01:10:0008:50:00
12Alison FinnFCraughwell timetrial – injury adjusted01:02:0008:58:00
13Kathleen WatersFCraughwell timetrial – injury adjusted01:02:0008:58:00
16Noel GormanMCraughwellConnemara Est.01:01:0008:59:00
25Mary PrendergastFCraughwell timetrial – course adjusted01:01:0008:59:00
15Sharon RafteryFCraughwell timetrial – course adjusted00:59:3009:00:30
11Sinead DavisFCraughwellDefault female runner00:58:0009:02:00
24Helen ColemanFCraughwellAthenry 0500:56:0009:04:00
14Anne KellyFCraughwell timetrial – course adjusted00:55:0009:05:00
30Noel CraughwellMCraughwellestimate00:55:0009:05:00
18Tony FitzpatrickMCraughwell timetrial – course adjusted00:50:3009:09:30
22Tony O’CallaghanMCraughwellTony’s estimate00:48:0009:12:00
26John RafteryMCraughwellEstimate00:48:0009:12:00
28John RusheMCraughwellConnemara Est.00:48:0009:12:00
4Bernie KellyFGCHAthenry 05 – injury adjusted00:47:3009:12:30
6Gabriel GardinerMCraughwellAthenry 05 – injury adjusted00:47:3009:12:30
17Gerry FaheyMCraughwellConnemara Est.00:44:0009:16:00
23Tony NevinMCraughwellAthenry 0500:43:0009:17:00
9Emmet FarrellMCraughwellestimate00:43:0009:17:00
3Brian MurphyMCraughwellform estimate00:42:0009:18:00
8Wally WalshMCraughwell timetrial – course adjusted00:42:0009:18:00
5Alan BurkeMAthenryTubercurry00:40:0009:20:00
7Josephine GardinerFMayo ACAthenry 0500:40:0009:20:00
27John O’ConnorMAthenryTubbercurry00:39:0009:21:00
10Darragh O’BrienMLoughreaquilty/killnaboy00:38:3009:21:30
2Michael TobinMCraughwellTubbercurry Time00:37:0009:23:00
1Mark DavisMCraughwell timetrial – course adjusted00:36:0009:24:00


As I’ll be doing the timing, I probably won’t be able to compete myself in many of the runs (unless I can rope in a helper!!).  Entries are full, but we are a little flexible so if you want to enter drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do…

The table above gives your start-time, and it is advisable to turn up 15-25 minutes before the start time to allow you to get to the start-line and warm up.  We will be parking at the hall, where there will be toilet facilities, etc.  The start line is approx 800m from the hall (we are still haggling over the course measurement!).

More details will be on the website as the week progresses.

Well Done Tony!!! 

Congratulations to Tony Nevin on an EXCELLENT time in the BUPA Great Run in Phoenix Park yesterday.  I was putting him down for a 46 minute handicap until Michael told me about the result – he ran 42:40 which is several minutes off his PB.  Tony my race pace calculator works out that you are capable of a 1:33:46 1/2 marathon – so you were right to be dissapointed in Connemara!!!  I think you’ll find the Craughwell course tougher than the BUPA though…

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