Craughwell Handicap Chase

Craughwell Handicap Chase

Cheltenham might be over, but the racing continues!!  The Senior Club has set the dates for its inaugural handicap series.  The series will be a set of four measured and timed 10K handicap runs, which will lead up nicely to the Flora Womens Mini-Marathon.

10K is roughly 6.2 Miles which is about 1:30 walk.  We welcome walkers to participate, and runners of all levels. 

The general rules are as follows:

1. The runs will follow the course used for the recent 10K time-trial.  A course map will be published prior to the series, and kilometer-markers will be present.

2. The runs will all take place on Sunday mornings

3. We will all aim to finish around 10AM – slower runners will start earlier, so the finishes will be exciting as we all finish at about the same time.  A walker has as good or better chance of winning a race as a runner.  E.g if your fastest time for 10K is 1:30 minutes (steady walk) and you intend to walk the course, then you will start at 8:30AM.  If you are Gerry Ryan and expect to trot around in 30 minutes, then you start at 09:30. Handicaps will be reset to be more accurate as the races go by – we expect a high margin of error in the first race.Image

4. We will have prizes in the following categories: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Man, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Woman, fastest runner and we may also have a spot prize or two. There will be a points system in effect to determine the overall winner.  We reserve the right to change all rules at any moment!!

5. For logistical reasons a maximum of 30 runners will be allowed to participate in this run of the series.  Preference will be given to Craughwell AC members, but members from other AAI registered clubs may enter if there is room and they pay a 10 Euro registration fee.

The dates for the runs are:

Saturday 15th April [Easter Saturday]
Sunday 30th April
Sunday 14th May
Sunday 28th May

If you are interested in participating, please contact

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